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229 W 28th Street, 5th Floor
New York, New York 10001


About Us

Big Apple Studios is New York’s top studio facility for white cyc and green screen chroma key video production.
We also offer all stages of video production support. Our crew can step in at any and all stages of your video production workflow, filling in any gaps, or providing the entire team to execute your creative vision. Current rate card is available on Big Apple Studios website.

We support live and taped TV show production using our virtual set studio, and are a hub for remote interview capture as well as wide range of corporate video.

Big Apple Studios also offers design and video editing, narration, voiceover, and sound editing services.

We have been in the industry since 2013.

Behind The Scenes With Set Designer
Added on 8/30/2016
Have you ever had to perform your on-set duty while having an elevator coming at you at about 50 mph? Well, Moira Shaughnessy, a costume and production designer, has. In this behind the scenes video Moira shares some funny on-set emergencies she had to deal with along with insightful advise she wished she could've given to herself decade ago. Moira’s work ranges from a Kanye West’s concert, Verizon Global commercials to Abel Ferrara’s films and she’s currently designing a Theatrical Musical – Wizard of Oz.

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