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Los Angeles, California 91303


About Us

When people ask me what I do, I say, "Talk to lots of people, make sure they get paid, and make sure they get fed." I can produce the most basic shoots to the most complex, from simply arranging accommodations and managing communications, to finding obscure professionals, like the guy I once hired with trained bees. (It's true! Put a bee in a fridge for 5 minutes then tie it to a string and let him thaw out. See what happens!)

I can work with magnificent budgets or quaint ones. Nothing is impossible, but boy money sure does make things easier!

From location scouting to casting to creating production websites specific to your client's project, I have you covered. It is my obsession to make your creative vision the best it can be.

Let's make something happen!

Budgets / Estimates / Negotiations
Casting Director / Auditions / Street Casting
Location Scouting
Executive Production
Hiring / Contracts
Creative Direction
Artist Recommendations
(Photographers / Directors / DPs
Props & Set Design
Wardrobe Styling
Hair & Make-up Artists)
Production Websites
Treatment Writing
Eco-Friendly Craft Services
Travel Coordination & Logistics
Job Wrap / Receipt Back-Up / Expense Reports

We have been in the industry since 2010.


I am recommending you hire me. :)

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