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About Us

La Mariposa Films is an entertainment and storytelling studio that combines the best storytellers, in one place. We tell stories about lots of things using many different methods, from brands stories to campaigns but through it all we never lose sight that everything we do starts with a great story.

Many people wander what is the difference from a traditional production company to a storytelling studio. The difference is we like to work with emotions, because stories well told provoke emotions in all of us-young and old. Joy, fear, excitement, anger, nostalgia.

The storytelling experience is rich and dynamic, integrating images, audio, and titling in such a way that it holds your attention from start to finish.

We can take the project from just an idea to the screen. In the process, we like to collaborate with our clients to make sure we stay true to their message. How do we do it? We will collaborate with you on the creative concept, the script, the production, post-production, all the way to your final own brand movie or story. By doing this the brand will be organically integrated into the storyline of the project and it will not feel like a commercial or an advertising but a true story that holds all the dramatic arches that are part of a great story.

At La Mariposa Films we are certain that people respond to stories, not statistics because: "They move us. They activate us. They drive us. They inspire us".

We tell stories for any and all platforms. From an idea to screen. Everyone has a story to tell. We love helping our clients create amazing projects, we hope you will be next in our list!

We have been in the industry since 2015.

La Mariposa Films
Added on 3/16/2017
A short promo of what our storytelling studio does.

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