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At a moments notice the team at CVP can spring in to action from a single camera to a multi camera shoot. Ad agencies from corporate to culinary from live event to the interview hire the team at CVP for a seamless production. Fully insured and ready to go.
With years of a proven track record and the industry awards to prove it, our clients such at AT&T, Eli Lilly, Rutgers University, and Stone Fire rely on our continued expertise. There is no crossing your fingers and hoping you hired the perfect crew, I will personally send you our current references.


Frank Farrell
Producer Director

Our creative team of directors, editors, scriptwriters, and designers ensure that we’re prepared to handle your entire production. Each one of our clients gets a custom video production that meets their budgetary and creative needs. CVP’s hands on approach helps to shape your ideas and message into an engaging visual experience. From TV commercials and marketing videos to streaming media on the web. Our ability to interview from the employee to the CEO, and have them feel comfortable is our specialty.

Team CVP

We have been in the industry since 1978.

Added on 1/11/2016
To deepen a potential clients knowledge of handwriting analysis, and how it can tell a lot about a persons personality. Commercial for Veriscript, an online handwriting analysis class program.

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