James Barry

Brooklyn, New York

About Me


I am a Brooklyn based video maker. I have over five years of video experience, working on shoots and post production. My most recent work includes a video, that I edited, which was featured on the front page of Nowness.com .

I have done work creating documentary, lifestyle, and commercial and fashion videos. This work includes but is not limited to shooting, directing, editing, writing and field producing segments. I believe my background in writing and directing makes me a very strong video editor allowing me to be able to conceive a narrative from the ground up, and jump any hurdles that come along the way to deadlines.

My eclectic video experience has given me exposure to all stages of production, as well as kept me fresh and intuitive with the different post production processes. My background in narrative video making combined with my flare for motion graphics has made me a very versatile and well rounded editor. I am well versed in the Adobe Suite and have logged plenty of hours in Premiere and After Effects.

I hope that my work speaks for me, and that I will have an opportunity to speak to you in person.



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