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RED Epic and Scarlet owner/operator. DSLR wizard. Drone/UAV owner/operator. From shooting documentaries in Greece, Zambia, Russia, and Ukraine to directing commercial shoots in Chicago, Austin, and New York, I have a wide array of experiences and knowledge to bring to any production as a cinematographer or director.

If I were a prime lens, I would be an old 24mm Cooke from the '80s; solid build, extreme clarity, and if you open me up all the way you will see all the beautiful imperfections that make me a unique and powerful tool in your creative arsenal. All jokes aside, I can be a great leader and a great follower. My experiences as a co-owner of the Chicago and New York-based production company Northwoods Revolution and servicing clients such as Leo Burnett, Red Robin, and Optimum Nutrition have taught me the value of being able to both give and take direction, and deliver solid, professional results no matter what.

As a one-man crew I can set up multiple-camera coverage of an event or interview, set up and monitor basic sound such as a LAV mic and boom mic, light subjects under a wide range of circumstances, and create unique and professional visuals from a slider, small crane, glidecam, drone, shoulder rig, or tripod. I can even go full handheld, if you like. I am capable of seeing a project through completely from inception to final delivery, including treatments, storyboards, production, and editing. I can also function as a proficient cameraman in a larger crew, or direct a small, medium, or large crew with optimal results. I also have a full production company and rolodex of freelancers to call upon for just about any project.

I own all of my own equipment, including cameras and lenses, support gear, lighting, and sound. I am willing to use or rent any specific equipment a client may deem necessary for a shoot. Send me a message for my full gear list.

Please feel free to contact me with a project of any scale. Chances are I've had relevant experience.

Thanks for your consideration, and good luck on your production!


I have been in the industry since 2005.


Added on 12/31/2015

Reel 2016

A glimpse of work we've done over the past year!

Video Logo 02:44
Reel 2016
Video Logo 03:54
Wood is Good
Video Logo 00:54
Camp Kooch-i-Ching Promo
Video Logo 02:21
Optimum Nutrition Promo 1
Video Logo 00:30
Red Robin - Burger Teleporter
Video Logo 02:14
Destination Hotels and Resorts - MileNorth Hotel
Video Logo 02:33
Q87.7 - The Night We Stole Christmas
Video Logo 02:01
Destination Hotels and Resorts - Stowe Mountain Lodge
Video Logo 01:41
Finch's Beer Promo
Video Logo 04:20
Late Nite Reading - Writing on the Wall
Video Logo 00:30
Red Robin - Burgers and a Movie
Video Logo 06:10
Lights Over Bridgeport - Automatic
Video Logo 02:53
Gabe Gizz - Young and Wealthy
Video Logo 04:31
The Giving Tree Band - Dead Heroes
Video Logo 03:21
Destination Hotels and Resorts - L'Auberge Del Mar
Video Logo 01:01


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RED Epic RED Scarlet Canon 5D MkIII Canon 14mm L, 24mm L, 35mm L, 50mm L, 85mm L, 24-70mm L, 70-200mm L Sony FS700 Odyssey 7Q+ 4k Recorder 22' ProAim Crane with Remote Head Mathews Doorway Dolly 3' and 5' Sliders Glidecam 4000HD with Steadyshooter Arm and Vest DJI Phantom 2 with Zenmuse Gimbal and GoPro 4 DJI S1000 with Zenmuse Z15-5D Gimbal for Canon 5D MkIII