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Phoenix, Arizona

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25+ years experience in corporate AV production. Most recently focused on live webcast production management, live streaming and content capture for VOD, content management, leveraging and monetizing media content. My primary (but not exclusive) focus has been corporate communications such as CEO Town Halls, corporate training, customer education, marketing events. I also have extensive experience with conferences and other live events such as annual association events, webinars and technology conferences.

While my primary role is production management, that can (and often does) include roles as camera op, audio op, TD, encoding and streaming management and pretty much anything that orbits around those roles.

I am a lifelong champion for disruptive media, collaborative communication, event and environmental technology solutions. My unique background has been client centered, service focused and production driven across a diverse array of disciplines. This includes a broad spectrum of media, communications and clean technology solutions consulting.

I have been in the industry since 1990.

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