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I'm Hugh McChord, I'm a freelance videographer with nearly 30 years of experience ranging from eng/news style shooting to production work in LA, multiple EMMY winner, have a full production truck of gear including the Panasonic HPX2000 P2 camera and I approve of this message.

WORK ETHIC - these are the two words that define me and they can be a hard commodity to find these days. Add in equal parts passion and motivation and you get - ME!

Only looking for a cameraman - that's me! I'm also a director, sound tech, editor and producer all rolled into one. Need talent - hell yes - I've done that too!! I've got everything covered.

I won't overprice your gig. I won't go over budget. I won't nickle and dime you. I won't be watching the clock wondering when my next break will be. It ain't business as usual.

Those who know me know what I bring to the table - go ahead - ask them! I'm not your usual cup of tea!

I also own and operate a full-service production company -- whachalookinat productions

I have been in the industry since 1985.

whachalookinat productions - Hugh McChord Demo Reel
Added on 7/15/2015

Highlights from some of the many events I've covered over the last 30 years including 3 Superbowls, Hurricane Katrina's aftermath, the Oscars, EMMY's, Golden Globes - every major award show you can…

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