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I'm a DP with two decades in TV and video. I specialize in corporate videos and documentaries and have also spent many years shooting news and factual programming. In the past, I’ve worked as a producer and editor, giving me an excellent ability for understanding the story, drawing out characters, and adapting to any project's specific shooting style.

I've shot just about everything, including thousands of interviews for clients ranging from the world’s top broadcasters, like the BBC, to the biggest companies, such as Microsoft. I’m happy to work alone or as part of a crew.

Can't make it to Toronto in person? I can ask the questions and run the entire shoot myself, bring on an experienced local producer, or stream my camera’s output live on the web so you can do the interview yourself from anywhere in the world.

My gear is extensive and I custom pack it before every project to make sure the equipment specific to that shoot is ready to go with the shortest possible setup time.

My equipment is also flexible. I can make your guest look fantastic in the brightest sunlight (8x8 scrim, bounce boards, and an LED fresnel) or in pitch blackness, 1800 feet underground (a dozen LEDs, lots of batteries, diffusion, and a Sony a7Sii for low-light shooting. Plus a few clean towels and extra makeup to sop up sweat).

While I've traveled to some of the world's most remote locations, chasing down Ebola patients, pygmies, and child soldiers, I know that even shooting in a corporate headquarters has its own unique challenges. My experience and equipment can make any office b-roll shine and I can relax even the shyest, most apprehensive guest.

I'm committed to not only getting the shots, but making sure the entire shoot goes smoothly: I’ll pamper your host, calm your guest, charm the skeptical publicist... anything it takes to get your project done.

I have been in the industry since 1998.


Professional and experienced camera operator along with audio/lighting requirements.

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