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253 West 51st Street
Manhattan, New York 10019

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STUDIO253NYC is a professional production studio conveniently located in Midtown West, Manhattan. Located on 51st street between 8th and Broadway, we’re walk-able distance from Times Square and Columbus Circle. Our space is used for a large gamut of productions. We have had clients book for reality tv, documentary, talk shows, films, interviews, tv segments, art showings, listening parties, networking mixers, seminars and even workshops and classes. We have on site support staff who are seasoned in digital cinema technology and tv/broadcast engineering. Studio, sales, service, rentals, systems integration and more - all in one location on a private floor.

Studio Specs
• 32' x 24' open studio space
• White walls, cherry wood floors throughout space
• Black, white, and chroma key green curtains available to pull and cover
• Ceiling pipe grid with 15 bi-colored lights
• Elevator size: Width 69", Depth 50", Height 87"
• Area parking garages available, but not for cargo vans.
• Street parking across 8th Ave on 51st St

• 10.5' x 11'
• Live Production Equipment Available for rental
• Lighting switcher for grid

Green room / Craft Services Area
• 17' x 15' plus large hallway foryer
• Open space with tables and chairs available
• Great for hair/make up, craft set up, over flow

Added on 2/23/2017
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