Hyde Park, Massachusetts

About Us

Linger Magazine is a monthly luxury publication that features global industry creative talent across beauty, fashion, hair, makeup and modeling on an interactive platform.

Linger continues to receive validation from certified industry organizations, such as FOLIO and The Fashion Model Directory. PR Couture celebrates Linger as one of “8 Digital Magazines You Should Know”. Niche Media refers to Linger as ‘One of the Top Ten Niche Publications’.

Linger Magazine is mobile-ready and interactive, and compiles an annual limited-edition, glossy print issue to commemorate our anniversary.

Our pages are often graced by the likes of style guru Phillip Bloch, industry icon Mikki Taylor, style expert Henriette Cole, international runway coach J. Alexander, actor and comedian Jamie Foxx, designer Nicole Richie, reality star Gretchen Rossi of The Real Housewives of Orange County and Keenyah Hill of America’s Next Top Model.

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