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Award-winning freelancer with experience in a diverse array of productions, from branded content to music videos. I always enjoy taking on new projects to challenge me, expand my creativity, and meet new people.

I have worked on a diverse array of productions, from branded content to music videos and have developed a highly professional set of skills through these various mediums. As a freelance producer I have won awards for my work in both music videos and film. My work with branded content has included top-tier clients such as LG Electronics and LEGO. My music video collaborations have included both international musicians to local acts. My work as a freelancer has allowed for ingenious commentaries to the beautifully absurd.

My over-arching title of “coordinator” extends to production, talent, and travel. With these projects I coordinated shoots that averaged 30-35 crew members per shoot as well as overseeing the multitude of logistics, from the pre to post-production. All while managing the various personalities we all know to be oh so “real” in “real”ity TV.

Raised in the land of 10,000 lakes with ancestors that hail back to the Vikings...well maybe that’s not true about the guys with horned helmets but I am from Minnesota, now residing in New York. I feel most comfortable surrounded by fellow geeks at Comic-Con, relish in the weirdness of Coney Island in the summertime, and am an avid baker.

Some festivals my work has been in and awards won:
Some Guys Are Bigger Than Others (short film completed in 2014)- Associate Producer
- Winner, Best Comedy. 11th Annual NYC Downtown Short Film Festival
- Winner, Platinum Award. 2015 Oregon International Film Awards
- Official Selection. 37th Annual San Antonio Cinefestival
- Official Selection. 5th Annual NYC Independent Film Festival
- Official Selection. 2015 Coney Island Film Festival.

Sidewalks and Skeletons - Blood (music video completed in 2015)- Producer
- Official Selection, 2015 Coney Island Film Festival

Blanche Has Friends - Tiny, Biting, Festering, Nervous Tic (music video completed in 2014)- Producer
- Official Selection, 2014 Coney Island Film Festival

I have been in the industry since 2012.

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