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EXCEPTIONAL FREELANCE MEDIA DESCRIPTIONIST ("Described Video"​): I create, voice and record soundtracks containing descriptions of the on-screen activity that the visually impaired cannot see on broadcast TV shows, feature films, documentaries and advertising -- worldwide. And I DO IT EXCEPTIONALLY* WELL.

And just why am I 'exceptional'*​?

* Because: 100s of hours of TV shows & movies under my belt

* Because: 35+ years as a professional voice talent

* Because: 10+ years as a former professional actor and improviser

* Because: 25+ years as a former professional writer, producer and creative director in audio, video and web in marketing & advertising and eventually front-end design and development for interactive television tech (all = solution-driven creative!)

* Because: some of the fastest project turnover in the business due to my unique approach

* Because: highly competitive rates (Because: that approach I mentioned, above! ;-)

* Because: the end-user experience is everything to me -- especially when it comes to having the story be heard/seen/enjoyed (and that last one is paramount) by the audience as closely as possible to the way the original storytellers intended

* And most importantly because: I AM ADAMANT THAT DV IS FAR MORE A CREATIVE PROCESS THAN A TECHNICAL ONE. Just as is, say, editing. Smart creative decisions are key to great storytelling -- and great DV is great storytelling! That requires that dedicated, talented and experienced storytellers be involved at every step of the way and I am very much all of those things: the kind of fully-rounded pro your story and its audience needs and deserves. This is all I do; I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS WORK -- and the clients, colleagues and audience members who've heard what I do tell me that shows. So...

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I have been in the industry since 2005.

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