Dmitriy Rozin

New York, New York

About Me

Dmitriy is an editor and a cameraman. Born in Leningrad, Soviet Union, he immigrated to New York with his family in 1992. He received Bachelor of Arts degree in Film Production in 1996 and proceeded to work as a 2nd assistant cameraman in such feature films as Fast Horses (with Victor Argo), 1999 (with Dan Futterman and Jennifer Garner) and others. In 2001 he received Master's of Fine Arts in Computer Graphics and Interactive Media. He then returned to film and video editing, and continued making short films and working on documentaries as a cameraman.
Through the years his list of works was growing in both documentary and fiction directions. Some of those films made their way to Sundance, Cannes Film Festival's programs, BAFTA awards, Russian Open Film Festival Kinotavr and others, as well as multiple theaters and exhibits throughout the world.
Some years Dmitriy spent working abroad – first in Switzerland, France and Portugal filming sports car racing for Antradocs films, then, as an editor and editor on the set for commercials and TV series in Russia and Estonia. He also was cameraman/director/editor for a number of corporate documentaries on Russian industries; that took some traveling with a camera – from St. Petersburg to Siberia, from Kuban region to Archangelsk oblast. In the meantime, he was also invited by Antradocs films to shoot and edit a multipart documentary in Japan on local economy, religion and the aftereffects of the recent tsunami.
Back in New York Dmitriy got involved with the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center project, opening in Yekaterinburg, Russia in 2015 and actualized by American, Spanish, Russian and German professionals. The New York team of editors which Dmitriy joined in September 2015 compiled more than a hundred short documentary subjects based on archives and interviews related to the first Russian president. The museum video program was supervised by Twitchpost, Persona Films and Ralph Appelbaum Associates. He then proceeded to freelance for NBC Universal (NBC Learn) and Vice Media as a story editor for Daily VIce and Citi/Street Guides.

I have been in the industry since 1996.

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