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Owner/operator of multiple interchangeable lens camera systems, a professional UAV, and wireless video-switching and live streaming console. Highly educated actor, director & marketing professional who enjoys work as a freelance Director, Producer, Director of Photography, UAV Pilot, or educator.

Michael Buffo serves the Monterey Peninsula and beyond by producing commercial, documentary, and narrative productions with local contractors. Michael enjoys making short-form digital media, placing a spotlight on independently run businesses & new thought leaders with a mission. He has shot, directed, & produced a variety of short-form and long-form commercial and narrative digital content ranging from TV commercials, docu-style brand videos, short-feature films, infomercials, and tons of live theatre. On set, Michael nurtures the spirit of ensemble in a positive, fun, safe environment with demonstrated experience at successful crew engagement and maintaining a peaceful, enjoyable workplace even under the most time-restrictive of circumstances. In conversation, Michael keeps great notes. In preparation, he is an eagle scout. During the shoot, Michael is a knight in arms who uplifts the crew and always makes the client happy.

I have been in the industry since 2010.

Built-In Steadicam: Professional Heelys Camera Operator
Added on 2/10/2016

Poster-boy for Heelying Sports LTD for 2004-2006, I got actually got my start in camera work and editing by making skate videos for Heelys.com. Starring in commercials, plenty of skate videos, and…

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