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About Us

Après Visuals is a full service production studio based in the heart of Jackson, Wyoming. We specialize in putting together talented creatives with top brands and agencies. From internationally distributed advertising spots to feature films we have become known to deliver unique and exceptional content. We believe that collaboration with our clients is paramount and pride ourselves on well thought out efficient production. Below are some of the ways we stand out.

Time-lapse has been proven to capture the attention of viewers and is utilized in high level productions. Our team has worked on the set of National Geographic films and even in the development of innovative new time-lapse equipment alongside manufacturer, Kessler Crane. We consistently deliver industry leading time-lapse imagery.

Après Visuals has years of aerial production experience and we stay on the cutting edge of drone and camera technology. From Jeep Commercials to remote off-grid shoots for Wyoming Tourism we deliver stunning imagery from the sky. Safety is always our first priority and our team is FAA Remote Pilot Certified.

Whether Chest Mounting one of our Red Cameras for a Samsung Ad or snowmobiling our production team far into the backcountry for Fox Shock's Marketing Campaign we have a wealth of experience working in harsh environments. We are experts at bringing high production value to places most production companies would not dare go.

We have been in the industry since 2012.

Après Visuals Commercial Reel
Added on 12/29/2017
Après Visuals works with a network of passionate and high level creatives producing content for the most discerning brands and agencies. Our 2017 reel highlights some of our favorite moments from a wide variety of commercial clients and projects.

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