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Austin, Texas

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My life and passions have always been outside of the box. In all cases, I have always been prepared to jump in and make the most out of any situation; from failing, to learning, to succeeding. In college I wrote and directed a play that made it into a festival. The collaboration and commitment between the actors and I made a truly unique and raw piece of work, inspiring me to go forward into film.

Storytelling was and still is my first love. In 2013, I took home a finalist award from a film festival for screenwriting and in 2014 I worked with others to win two Telly Awards in corporate video. Working with others to create a powerful message that comes to life fills with me with pride. Some have said I am "ambitious, bright, and talented," and I work everyday to live up this and have fun doing it.

D.N. Ellis Demo Reel
Added on 11/14/2015
A visual accumulation of my work and an example of my videography and editing skills.

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