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JB Media Productions is a full-service video production company offering services in all aspects of production. We are also an equipment and crew source for any companies needing help with their video shoots.

Josh Birt started his career in video production after graduating from the University of Pittsburgh in 2005. After working as a freelance DP/Editor for several well-known production companies, Josh started his own production company, JB Media Productions, in 2009.

Since then JB Media Productions has grown into one of the top video production companies and continues to grow through their work with some of the top companies around the country. They always think strategically about their client’s desired outcomes and are always finding new ways to creatively solve problems and meet client’s budgets.

What Makes JB Media Productions Different?

Experienced Crews:
Our teams respect you, your office or home and your vision for video. We’ve worked with some of the biggest talent in Hollywood, the biggest sports stars and some of the country’s top Doctors and technologists in the world. We pride ourselves on our respect for, and dedication to our seasoned clients by providing our most seasoned crews.

Beyond Words and Pictures:
Creating video projects that help achieve desired change and outcomes takes more than an eye for layout, lighting and props. It takes a savvy approach to understanding the client’s objective and the heart of their story, and then translating that into structured use of video. Timing, order, flow along with the right images, wording and storytelling techniques make our projects more impactful and engaging.

Respect for Our Clients:
Some production companies want to tell your story in their own way, not in a way that best meets the client’s needs. Others come into the client’s business and take over, making the client just an actor in their own story. We take a different approach that respects our client’s space, employees, knowledge and talent. We bring out the best in everyone involved rather than dictating how clients should act.

We have been in the industry since 2009.

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