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Kpictures is a full-service, NYC-based production company with over two decades of experience in promotional videos, photography, and feature films.

We bring fun, professionalism, and expertise to every shoot. We collaborate with marketing & advertising agencies, producers, as well as a variety of other clients.We handle every aspect of your production from casting to the final edit. We understand deadlines, budgets and the fact you have to look your best. Our goal is to exceed our client’s expectations every time!

We have been in the industry since 2002.

Testimonial "Dr. Greenwald" plastic Surgeon
Added on 11/14/2015
Sometimes when you keep it simple you are more effective to your audience. In this particular testimonial video we wanted to share these amazing experiences to our viewers and create an instant bond. From there trust is built and that means our viewers are more likely to become paitents to our wonderful plastic surgeon Dr. Greenwald. Kaleidoscope Pictures is a Brooklyn based production company specializing in professional video, photography and S.E.O. We collaborate with marketing companies, advertising agencies, PR Firms, as well as our own corporate clients. Established in 2003, Kpictures started to offer video and photography services to a wide variety of clients with high expectations and serious deadlines. Our philosophy was and is simple, create great work every time! This allows us a steady stream of strong referrals and satisfies our mission to help our clients succeed.

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