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An easy drive from Boston, New England Studios’ (4) four 18,000 square foot sound stages integrate the latest in technology and construction to create a truly state of the art production facility, which includes a lighting and grip rental department to fulfill your on-site and location needs.

The NC25 sound proofed stages can be used individually or joined together for a total 72,000 square feet of feature film and television production. Each stage includes (6) six 1,200 amps of power service. And of course, the benefits of the Massachusetts 25% uncapped, transferable tax credit.

NE Studios also has an attached 30,000 square foot production office support building, including dressing rooms. We have 24 hour gated security and parking onsite for 271 cars and 62 trucks with shore power, electric vehicle charging stations and nearby offsite parking for an additional 283 cars and trucks.

The IT Infrastructure is built on 75 miles of fiber optic cable to the studios, offices and support buildings with 42 separate WiFi networks, capable of speeds up to 10 GB, the highest in the industry.

Our on-site Lighting and Grip Department will provide you with the latest gear. With 1-ton vans, 5-ton box trucks, 24' Trailers, 48' Trailers, and Tractors with On Board Generators we can provide packages to meet your location or Stage needs.

Adjacent to the studios are (2) two 20,000 square foot mill buildings which house light & grip, production construction facilities, mechanical effects and set storage.

Massachusetts’ film industry has shown substantial growth since 2006, when the state film tax credits were enacted into law. The Tax Incentives include the following for production companies doing business in Massachusetts:

1. A 25% credit for payroll and production expenses

2. An exemption from the state sales tax

3. Any project that spends more than $50,000 in Massachusetts qualifies

Program requirements are straightforward. There are no annual or project caps. No residency requirements. No extended schedule of credit payouts.

We have been in the industry since 2011.

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