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Running Man Pictures specializes in all facets of video production. With 16 years experience, Running Man Pictures (RmP) has a solid foundation and knows the business. RmP is FAA Drone Certified!!

In addition to 2-400W HMI's, we have 2 camera packages, a Panasonic HVX500 Broadcast camera and also a 5D Markiii package with lenses. I also have access to a Canon C-500 should you need that camera. I not only shoot, but also do sound. I own a Sound Devices 552 with Lectro's & a Sennheiser Boom. We also have 2-400WHMI's. I am a lead shooter for 2 national shows currently in production, I also do sound for a 3rd show. I work with a select, small, group of Freelancers that can also staff the shoot and Edit as needed. High quality is my first priority for you and your result. I also do Time Lapse and still photography. If you need a Shooter/sound in Florida, South Georgia, or South Alabama, give me a call and lets make it happen.

Here are some of the Networks/Shows/Corporate Clients I have recently worked for:
House Hunters/HGTV
ESPN features(Gameday, E-60, and Sportscenter)
Discovery Channel
Animal Planet
The ARROYO, feature film
The Weather Channel
The Daily Show
Emeril's Florida/The Food Network & The Cooking Channel

Our name comes from the founder's life-long love of long distance running. The sport of running creates discipline and teaches valuable life lessons that we integrate into our work ethic at RmP. Running Man Pictures is more than just a name, it's an approach that stems from a fusion of the creativity of photography and the endurance of running.

Leave your worries and cares at the start. – Bringing a positive attitude to the shoot is essential.

Without a good base your race goals are unachievable.

We have been in the industry since 2000.