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About Us

Our company shoots national broadcast television including the shows FOX Business News Behind the Blueprint, Military Makeover and Designing Spaces on Lifestyle. We have Super 35mm cameras and the capability to record footage in 4k RAW.

We are among the first FAA drone permit holders and have been flying commercially for 6 years making us more experienced than 99% of the pilots in the market today.

Our client list includes the California State University system, the Scripps Institute, Brandstar, Three Point Media, Sotheby's International, Berkshire Hathaway and many more.

We have three FAA 333 exemption holders, that recently converted to Part 107, for obtaining legal commercial aerial footage with UAV's. Our company owns the Inspire 1 Professional with Zenmuse X5 and an integrated micro four-thirds processor. We also have Sony A7sii cinematography cameras with G-series lenses, three-way gimbals, Sennheiser lav microphones, camera cranes, boom mikes, LED lighting and lots of equipment. We also use the new DJI Phantom 4 Professional.

We have a professional video editor in-house that utilizes Davinci Resolve editing software and can offer quick turnaround times thanks to our state-of-the-art computers with huge graphics cards, 128 GB RAM, ASUS motherboards and Intel i7 chips with 40 lanes of hyper-threading.

All members of our team can travel to locations as needed. We can provide cameramen, aerial video and photography, still photography, editing and production capability either collectively or any one of these skills individually as required.

We have been in the industry since 2013.

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