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APPLE ARTS STUDIOS Motion Capture Services, Our company located in Hyderabad, INDIA.

We are an outsource company that provides High Quality motion Capture services. Our Company works closely with Motion capture specialist with a high experience and is dedicated to offer you the best service to face higher demand and quality control.

Regarding Motion Capture data out sourcing Projects, We are looking for Mo-Cap Data Out sourcing projects, we will work for Motion Capture data, Tracking ( Body, Fingers, Facial ), Re-Targeting ( Body, Facial , Fingers polishing) mostly we will work Vicon Data, Our main client are based in North America and Europe and we are working now on 6 different game titles.(Big AAA Titles)

We are processing data for other company in the World (Body Tracking, Facial Tracking, Body Solving, Body re-targeting and editing),
So please let me know if ur looking for any Data Outsourcing means please contact us

Feel free to chat with me if you have any quires,

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LINKED IN :- www.linkedin.com

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We have been in the industry since 2011.

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