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Washington, District of Columbia

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Chris is a multiple Emmy and ACS award winning DP with 24 years of experience creating evocative, attention capturing imagery . His passion is cinematography and working with like-minded creative people looking to tell compelling stories: high-end documentary, commercials, corporate and shorts.

Formerly a CBS 60 Minutes DP, the art of storytelling was beaten in to him quite thoroughly. He also has a robust sense of humor and as an Australian, talks a little strangely. Chris is 45 years old.

Currently shooting on a Sony F5 4K camera with Canon CN-E Cinema Primes with a full HMI lighting/grip package.

More examples of past work is available on Chris's website, along with a message from George Lucas to Chris on shooting features vs docs! (Seriously, from George himself.)

I have been in the industry since 1994.

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Added on 6/10/2018
A random collection, more on my website.

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