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Dave Burt is a production sound mixer based in the Dallas / Fort Worth area whose work has been used by Red Bull, the Dallas Cowboys, Inside Edition, Fox Sports, Sports Illustrated, Frito Lay, Travelocity, JC Penney, MoneyGram and more. He has provided sound for reality television show "Dallas Car Sharks", feature film "A Bad Idea Gone Wrong", and a variety of short films and documentaries. Dave Burt has been a professional audio engineer since 2000 and has provided a wide variety of audio / sound, and music production services. He has taught audio engineering and electronics college classes for several years.

I have been in the industry since 2000.

Dave Burt - Location sound mixer / recordist
Added on 2/1/2016

This is a video featuring some of the higher profile productions I recorded sound for. There are others that I'd like to be able to show that I have not yet been able to acquire a copy of yet.

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