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About Us

Real Digital Productions is a small team of 4 full time professionals who have been delivering hundreds of projects a year since 2009. Our goal is to win you over with a final product that exceeds your expectations and a process that is easy and efficient.
Here are a few other details about us that might be helpful:

• We really like to do interviews. Interviews are a staple of our business and we have have a lot of time to refine our setups and techniques.

• We like to work quickly and efficiently. This comes from working as a team over many projects and many years.

• We have a gimbal specialist on our team that allows us to capture dynamic b-roll efficiently.

• We have a dedicated project manager on our team to organize details and streamline communication.

• Our main office is designed for efficient and collaborative pre and post production. We have 3 editing stations allowing for speed, efficiency and creative freedom.

• We are FAA licensed and insured for UAV operations. We have been flying drones commercially since 2011.

• We are available to shoot anywhere in North America. In addition to this our custom production van allows us to bring a substantial amount of lighting, rigging, and other production equipment to locations

• We do a lot of physically demanding shoots. Hiking, climbing, paddling and biking to shoot locations is routine for us and keeps us in condition.

• Our standard camera setup includes a Canon C200, Canon C100mk2, Canon 5dmk4, Ronin M, Ronin S, and Canon L series lenses.

We have been in the industry since 2009.

Economic Development series highlights
Added on 11/26/2018

I helped create the concept, direct and shoot the footage along with the team from Real Digital Productions.

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