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Based out of Los Angeles, Rare|Candy is a full service production company. Our work has been featured in numerous critically acclaimed films, music videos, corporate videos, PSA’s and documentaries. Our most recent work involves NBC's reality television series The Voice and Imagine Dragon's concert performance aired on the Grammy's 2015. We specialize in commercials, music videos and digital content. The creative minds behind Rare|Candy have worked with VEVO, Amazon, Twitter, Target, Urban Outfitters, Moment Factory, Fuel TV, Louis Vuitton, Mountain Dew, DC Shoes, and Nike.

Prices will vary depending on the project. If you have pricing inquiries, please feel free to reach out with project budget, concept, services needed, etc. If you need assistance with a concept, we have a creative team ready to assist.

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Website URL: www.RareCandy.tv


Added on 8/17/2016

RareCandy Demo 2016

Aug, 17 2016

Video Logo 01:04
RareCandy Demo 2016
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Rare|Candy Productions Reel - 2017


VEVO Twitter Amazon Target Urban Outfitters Fuel TV Louis Vuitton Mountain Dew Nike DC Shoes Moment Factory NBC Guerrilla Tacos


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