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We are a full-service production company specialized in high-quality fiction, advertising, documentary, music video, and new media projects. Based in NYC, Barcelona, Granada, and Beijing we produce locally and globally.

Work with us because:
•are creative, passioned, accountable, team players and fun to work with!
•listen to your needs to excel your expectations.
•understand that your success is also ours.
•keep up the communication. A fluid dialogue is key for a good film-making.
•LOVE what we do!!


We have been in the industry since 2012.


Added on 7/12/2017


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Ideas Solutions Creativity Leadership and guidance Accountability Common Sense Resources Organisation Search for Excellence Professionality English – Spanish Alexa Mini package Sony Fs7 Package Carl Zeiss lenses package


Excellent Grant Beca Talentia 1st Award TAG-Heuer/Eyeka Advertising competition


I have now worked with A films on 2 occasions and both times, I have been impressed with the professionalism and courtesy. A wonderful experience and highly recommended!


Do you want to push your project beyond boundaries? A films is going to make it happen.

As a producer, I can assure that working with A Films has been always very easy in any kind of production. Their professionalism, creative input, high standards and attention to detail, make a solid ground where to build a project. I can definitively rely on them.

When working with them as a director of photography, their strong pre-production, solution-making skills and cool mood help me to focus only on getting the best cinematography. This really helps when working many many hours.

It is hard to find their profile on the market.

Borja Campillo

A films is an amazing company.very professional and punctual.Awesome crew.Go check out their work like comment support and subscribe to all their social media.

Christine Prince-Jackson

Such a great experience working with Afilms. A great and professional crew that made for a great shoot.

Brenda Crawley

A-films is an excellent choice to create and produce your story. Their creativity and professionalism make for an enjoyable experience. I highly recommend A-films for any video production project. You will not be disappointed.

Debra Winter

Great staff, super professional! Love their work.

Giovanna Almeida

A Films will help you create, produce and post produce your project with an excellence in creative and execution. And they are really great to work with, easy going, helpful and always on top!

Carmen Simón Rubio