About Me

I am a freelance DP/HD Cameraman owner-operator in the San Francisco Bay Area from Los Angeles.
The Film Chalet Production & Post San Jose & Studio City, CA.

I am well equiped and resourceful owner-operator.
With Cameras, Lighting,Audio, and Grip. (1.5 Ton G&E Van)
Who loves the creative of storytelling process and tells it through proven camera and lighting techniques.
I live in San Jose but work all over NoCal as well as a local hire in Los Angeles.
I have shot everything from features and commercials to events and interviews.

I am presently shooting my 7th season of "Autopsy" the last Hours of.... for iTV on the Reelz network, also Breaking the Band and Front man all on iTV/Reelz Network. As well as America By Design 2nd Season for CBS, and of course lots of local and regional work.

Experience at a glance.

Features as DP/camera 7
Shorts 24
Music Videos 11
Commercials 18
TV Shows/Pilots 5
Event/Live Performances 50+
Interviews 350+
IMDB credits 38 DP/Camera and 26 as Gaffer http://www.imdb.com David Bacon ll

Sony FX9,Sony FS7, Red Epic, Ronin-M. Sony A6300, Sony Ex1, plus 1.5-ton G&E van. List on web site.
I can work within any budget. Let me know what the budget is and I will provide accordingly.

Camera audio and lighting can be provided as well as crew up the job for you with local talent.

Check out my Reels on my webpage and call me. Let's talk.

I have been in the industry since 2002.

David Bacon DP/Camera Reel
Added on 4/8/2016
Camera and DP show reel, shot on the cameras I own. It is a mixture of different kinds of things I shot. But I have left out the Events and Talking heads. As well as the more dramatic peices. You can find them on my web site.

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