About Me

I have been running a freelance digital cinema & video production service for the last 6 years called NDR Digital, LLC. In the last few years I have had the pleasure to work on a variety of projects from feature films, television shows, agency ad campaigns, and more.

No matter what the project is at hand, story is first and foremost the most essential part of what I do and where my true passion lies. No other tool connects with audiences better than a great story and that has excited me throughout my entire career.

My mission statement with my film and video work is simple: Tell amazing stories through captivating imagery while using the best technology available.

I understand that filmmaking and video production is highly a team sport and I see the extreme value in great planning and communication with creative teams. I understand that half the battle of creating the best content and imagery possible is managing the creative back-end to support all of it. I have an unrelenting hunger to deliver high-end content to teams that demand it. I am constantly evolving and adapting my workflow as the media market and technology progresses.

Checkout my portfolio, resume, and complete list of credits at www.ndrdigital.com

I have been in the industry since 2014.


Director of Photography – Faze Wave - The Game

December, 2018 — December, 2018
Music Video – Directed by Rach Rhem

Director of Photgraphy – Walgreens Holiday 2018

November, 2018 — November, 2018
Commercial – Walgreen's Pharmacy

Director of Photography – American Refugee

October, 2018 — October, 2018
Feature – Directed by Vincent Dale

Camera Operator – A Fishing Story with Ronnie Green

September, 2018 — September, 2018
Television – Discovery Channel - Green Outdoors Productions

Camera Operator/Gimbal Operator – Sweet Jane

June, 2018 — June, 2018
Television – Directed by Dylan Mcdermott

Camera Operator – Killroy Was Here

January, 2018 — August, 2018
Feature – Directed by Kevin Smith

Director, Director of Photography – Coor's Light, Come Together

January, 2018 — January, 2018
Commercial –

Director of Photography – Joshua Morris - Cocaine and Whiskey on Ice

January, 2018 — January, 2018
Music Video – Directed by Liam Jordan

Camera Operator & Field Producer – Country Boys Outdoors with Brad Miller

September, 2017 — September, 2017
Television – Sportsman Channel - JBO Production

Camera Operator & Field Producer – Modern Fishing with Jared Jeffries Season 5

July, 2017 — August, 2017
Television – JBO Production

Key Grip – Independent

May, 2017 — May, 2017
Television – Directed by Justin and Christan Long

Director of Photography – Containment

February, 2017 — February, 2017
Short Film – Directed by Austin Zveare

Producer – Madeira

February, 2017 — February, 2017
Short Film – Directed by Liam Jordan

Camera Operator & Field Producer – Modern Fishing with Jared Jeffries, Season 4

November, 2016 — December, 2016
Television – Outdoor Channel - JBO Production

Production Assistant – American Tarzan

June, 2016 — July, 2016
Television – Discovery Channel

Work with Nicholas Dello Russo

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