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I'm a cinematographer and special make up f/x artist. I also own all my equipment. Motorized 14 ft jib, spider dolly plus 50'ft flex track, fly cam, Sony A7s, and green screen. camera work is $250 per day. (cost for travel and lodging not included.)

My f/x experience is life casting, clay sculpting, mold making, silicon and foam latex prosthetics, plus prop making such as realistic foam, or rubber hammers, hatchets, and hunting knives, and blood squibs for gun shot effects. Price of labor varies for making custom props and prosthetics. but the day rate is $150.00 for F/X work. (cost for travel and lodging not included.)

I have been in the industry since 2012.

Added on 7/6/2016
A Zombie parody of the old Surge commercials in the late 90's


camera opperator – Sleep Cure

August, 2015 — September, 2015
Short Film – Zoe Deleon

Director – Zero hour

October, 2015 — November, 2015
Short Film –

Director, Cinematographer – The broadcast

April, 2015 — August, 2015
Feature –

F/x artist – Follower

April, 2016 — June, 2016
Feature – Jason Henne

Work with Karl Huber

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