Silvus Technologies

Los Angeles, California

About Us

Since its founding in 2004, Silvus has become the leading developer of complex MIMO wireless technologies which are expected to reshape broadband wireless connectivity worldwide. Silvus’ mission is to be at the forefront of bringing the revolutionary benefits of multi-antenna MIMO techniques to the transmission of high fidelity data and video into harsh conditions characterized by severe multipath, interference and spectrum congestion.

Over the years Silvus has assembled a world class team of experts, handpicked for the excellence they provide in their areas of core competencies. We have meshed these experts together to deliver a technologically superior radio solution that delivers in the most demanding applications, at an unprecedented size, weight, power, and price point.

Silvus' expertise has been leveraged to develop cutting-edge broadband wireless systems with advanced techniques such as cognitive interference mitigation, advanced MIMO technology (up to 4x4), anti-jamming via spatial cancellation, intelligent multicast routing, and Quality of Service (QoS) improvement.

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