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About Us

Loclyz Media Services is a full service media production company specializing in Livestreaming and traditional on-location media production.

Started by former 9News employees to meet the growing demand for video production by providing high quality HD video production value without the large agency overhead.

Our dedication to storytelling combined with our decades of broadcast television experience allow us to create compelling and captivating video with expediency and efficiency. Let us help you tell your story whether through a live event or captured video. Your story | Your words | Our video.

Raising Your Live Event Social Currency:

One of the most mis-understood aspects of Internet Video is the Live Streaming of events.

All too often, the idea that one camera, in the back of the room, with the presenter at a podium and a large screen to project a presentation is all that is needed to share that event with the world.

The reality is that very few people are willing to view such a video online for multiple reasons:

The experience is not engaging!
The presenter is neither clearly seen nor heard.
The projection screen is typically unreadable.
Additionally, the final product is often un-usable as additional digital content for further marketing opportunities.

Remedying this does not require a Hollywood Production costing tens of thousands of dollars.

Let us show you how we can completely change the game for your next event with a multi-camera, professionally-switched, fully streamed and captured production that won’t break the bank.

Not only will your online audience appreciate the “just like being there” experience, but they will be able to see and hear every portion of the event better than some people in the live audience.

After your event concludes you will have the switched output that was Live Streamed available to you in High Definition for use as additional digital content for all your marketing platforms.

Why should you Livestream your next event?

Extend your audience Globally, beyond those who can physically attend.
Increase revenue via additional sponsorship opportunities and pay-per-view.
Engage event audience with interactive online audience.
Extend broadcast to Twitter.
Same-day posting to Web/Social Media

We have been in the industry since 1987.

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