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About Us

Our portfolio counts dozens of music videos, corporate films, short films, reports/ documentaries and we have co-produced a feature film shot in Australia and Romania as well.
Why shoot and do post production in Romania ?
Because we have the most gorgeous landscapes and locations from the Black Sea to the highest mountain peaks, it is untouched nature as nowhere else in Europe.
As we are founding members of the “Creative Romanian Film Makers” Association, we have
strong links to Chainsaw Europe, the first choice for high end post-production in Europe.
Romania is very attractive for offering highly skilled, yet cost effective manpower and talent.
We own more than the basic equipment that is necessary for today’s small to medium sized production including 4K raw capabilities, as well as experience in filming with the Phantom Flex4K high speed camera.
If Romania is still not the place you are looking for but you want us (manpower and equipment) anywhere world-wide, no problem ! We will be where you want us to be.

We have been in the industry since 1997.

Schneider Productions Showreel 2016
Added on 6/21/2016

Our production showreel

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