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Jersey Filmmaker is a content creation & production company founded and created by Anthony Seratelli from, as you may have guessed, New Jersey! It all started as a passion of Anthony's during his 10 year professional baseball career. While playing for multiple teams (Kansas City Royals, New York Mets & Saitama Seibu Lions) he developed a growing love for storytelling. Over those baseball years, involving teammates, family and friends, he would create comedic sketches to expand his knowledge on everything from cinematography, editing, vfx compositing, to sound design & more. It also taught him how to use media to create a brand and build a fan base. Although it was a difficult balance while on a path to the big leagues, it was an amazing learning process. ​​

Knowing this would be his next career, Anthony first started a production company while still playing. It was originally named ARS*1Productions (which are his initials plus his college baseball number and sounded like the hip-hop group KRS-One, but no one caught on :/ ). Now being retired from the game, his efforts have completely shifted to the other side of the camera.

Jersey Filmmaker was created with one primary goal in mind... Tell awesome stories that look really freakin cool!! But also, to do whatever we can to connect with the filmmaking community so we can grow, learn from each other and collaborate to make even cooler and awesome--er videos!!

We have been in the industry since 2014.

Jersey Filmmaker Reel
Added on 1/14/2019
Jersey Filmmaker's content & production reel.

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