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Santa Clara, California

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I'm a San Francisco Bay Area based sound mixer available for both union and non-union productions. I have extensive experience on feature and television narratives, documentaries & commercials. Companies I have worked for include Universal, Sony Pictures, CBS, NBC, Fox, NBC Sports Network, Animal Planet, Discovery, Nickelodeon, ESPN, A&E, and Warrior Poets. I have worked on nearly every conceivable type of production from intimate interviews, live news broadcast to supervising full blown 7 person sound crews for extensive television, commercial and feature work.

My core audio equipment includes: 12-track Zaxcom Nomad mixer/recorder, NINE Zaxcom recording wireless systems, timecode support for 4 cameras plus smart slate, 6 Comtek IFB Monitors, a full suite of DPA microphones (exterior boom, interior boom and lavaliers) and bag and cart configurations.

Production roles I work in are:
Sound Mixing
Boom op
Music Playback w/timecode

UPDATED 4/11/2017: I am now available for dialog editing, clean up and 2.1 mixing with the latest software tools including iZotope RX 5. In addition to my extensive work in production audio, I also have a strong background in audio post-production – sound editing, sound FX and design, foley, dialog editing, ADR, voiceover and re-mixing.

Please contact me directly for information regarding rates. You can also visit my website to get a full list of credits. www.SFSoundMixer.com

I have been in the industry since 2003.


March, 2016 — April, 2016

Sound Mixer – Fat Camp

Feature – Universal Pictures

January, 2017 — October, 2017

Sound Mixer – Ultra 4

Television – LSP TV

April, 2015 — May, 2015

Sound Mixer – Big Red Camero

Television – Handcrafted Entertainment

September, 2014 — December, 2015

Sound Mixer – Vigilante Diaries

Feature – Oscar Gold Productions

December, 2014 — December, 2014

Boom Operator – The Meddler

Feature – Anonymous Content

October, 2016 — October, 2016

Sound Mixer – Rolex “Sylvia Earle”

Commercial – Black Ink


Universal Pictures Sony Pictures NBCsn Oscar Gold Productions Ton of Hats productions Weinstein Company Yes Equals Yes AMPAS Anonymous Content Bauer/Easton Nickelodeon Hasbro Post Mattel E!


Zaxcom Nomad 12 Zaxcom Wireless TRXLA2.5 DPA Boom Microphones DPA Lav Mics Sanken plant mics Timecode Slate Timecode Lockit Boxes Comtek IFB monitors

Associations / Organizations

IATSE Local 695 AES