Reelmen Studios

Phoenix, Arizona

About Us

Built from the ground up with input from production companies, studios, expert consultants, and our own experience doing thousands of jobs, Reelmen Studios was designed around what filmmakers need most: to produce amazing results affordably. We are the premier rental studio in the state, offering all the gear and studio space you need when shooting in Arizona.


Studio Specs

- 50ft X 60ft beautiful hard cyc, 5 foot radius
- 24ft ceilings at the cyc, with grid at just under 20 feet.
- Massive 48ft x 58 ft steel lighting grid, 4ft on center. 6,000 lbs load capacity.
- Acoustically designed interior, with “air gap” walls and double insulation
- State of the art, whisper quiet studio air conditioning system
- 12ft x 14ft drive-in access for cars, motorhomes, or heavy equipment
- Nine 4ft x 8 bank kinoflo florescent fixtures for ambient lighting
- 1200 amps of power (camlock) on the ground, plus 1200 amps of power (camlock) at the grid
- An additional 300 amps of switched Edison power at the grid, plus additional wall outlets
- 200amp of isolated power available, if needed
- More power available if needed!

Facility Specs

- Nearly 13,000 square foot custom facility on over an acre of land
- Close to the Phoenix airport and freeways, but strategically outside the flight path
- Professional industrial park environment – you and your clients will be safe and comfortable
- Grade level and loading dock access
- Gated parking
- Warehouse staging area
- Makeup room, conference room, green room, changing room, VIP green room/production office
- Wifi throughout the facility
- Our own dedicated 500KVA power feed, plus over 2,500 amps of additional available generator power
- Access to the largest rental house in Arizona with millions of dollars in gear available

Our large local inventory and focus on customer service means we are there for you upfront and for unexpected changes.

Featuring: Arri Alexa and Amira Camera Packages, Red Epic Camera Packages, Canon 5D Packages, Angenieux and Arri / Zeiss prime and zoom lenses, HMI Lights, Tungsten Lights, LED lights, Kino lights, Grip Equipment, Distribution, Generators, Dollies, Jib Arms, Expendables, Production Supplies, Walkies, 1, 3, 5, and 10 Ton Grip Trucks, passenger and cargo vans. Located in Phoenix, Arizona and serving the entire state, including Scottsdale, Tempe, Tucson, Flagstaff, Sedona, and more.

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