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* 1-Ton Combo Lighting & Grip Truck $450
* 3-Ton Combo Lighting & Grip Truck $750
* 4-Ton Mega Lighting & Grip Truck $950
* 37' Wide 17' deep White Cyc Stage With Infinity Corner $1500 - Grip & Lighting Included

* Add extra equipment as needed: Arri M18 HMIs, Joker 800, Joker 400, Joker 200, LEDs, multiple generators, etc.

* Owner is a working Director of Photography and Gaffer, and has shot over 12 feature films, 100+ commercials, 700 interviews. Award for Best Cinematography. Indie and budget conscious. Based in Los Angeles County.

* Let's do this! Call now. 408-406-1832

We have been in the industry since 2003.

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