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At Eric Miller Animation Studios, every project begins and ends with the limitless imagination and passion of our crew. While we continue to create stunning animation of exceptional quality across the entire service spectrum of animation and visual effects, our mission always remains the same. We want to touch every mind and heart, as we chart a course for the moon.

At Eric Miller Animation Studios, we know it takes more than dreams to accomplish the exceptional, which is why we combine creative talent, skilled management, and bold imagination into a one-stop-shop full-service animation studio ready to take any project of any size far beyond the extraordinary.

We have been in the industry since 2014.

Added on 8/15/2016
Bink is a curious creature that was captured and brought to a testing facility to learn more about him. In this 3D animated short, Bink gets a rude awakening as the new arrival at the laboratory before testing begins. As we follow Bink at the C.I.R.E Testing Facility, we learn more about this curious new creature and his knack for doing the unexpected. A giant robotic hand, simply called "The Hand," attempts to execute each Bink test.

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