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About Us

James H Goldman is lightning cameraman in Hong Kong, an official photographer of BAFTA, certified Arri Alexa LF, Alexa Mini, RED Helium operator, and 2 x Sony FX9 owner, operator

He served as a Director of Photography for Olay and P&G product commercials. His recent clients as a D.O.P. included Hugo Boss, Alexandra McQueen, Michelin, Formula-E, BBC, CNN, ITN, Euronews, Sony Pictures, and Paramount Studios

James has been in the photography and film industry for over 26 years. He worked in Hollywood feature films, advertising, corporate films, online content, and documentaries.

Pauline Anderson, John Brown Media, UK

The Camera Crew Hong Kong did a great job for us. We were in London so couldn't be on the ground and they set up the shoot, kit, recce, timings, security etc and their work was excellent and our client very happy.

Russ Calkins, Hardpin, Los Angeles, USA
This crew was fantastic to work with. High quality production, and professionalism at every step of the process. 10/10 will work with them again.

Benoît Galand, Wildvertising, Switzerland
I've had the opportunity to collaborate on different types of productions with them and I have always been extremely satisfied with their services. Solution driven, flexible and very reactive. Definitely recommend.

Fernando Puertollano, Empty, Spain
James is a high reliable partner for our filming projects in the area. High quality and positive creative interchange to accomplish the high-q of our final movie projects.

Michael McComb, Producer, UK
I asked the team to schedule a camera/sound crew with very little notice - I contacted them at the end of the day and needed a crew the next morning! No problem! On time, good communication, great equipment, and professional onsite. End result was terrific.

Chris Burns, Broadcaster, Euro News, France
James went the extra mile to get what we needed for our Euronews Spotlight Hong Kong programme. Great to work with.

It was our pleasure to shoot a multi camera interview with Britt Clennett (ABC) and Chief Investment Officer of HSBC. We thank Britt Clennett and the amazing teams at John Brown Media and HSBC again.
Tech specs: 3 x Sony FX9 + Sony A1 on Slider
Camera Crew: Camera Crew Hong Kong
Director of Photography: James Goldman
Cameraman: R.T.F
Assistant Camera: Danny Lai

High-Speed Ultraviolet Photoacoustic Microscopy for Histological Imaging with Virtual-Staining Assisted by Deep Learning for JoVE.com filmed on Sony FX9 by Camera operator from Camera Crew Hong Kong at Translational and Advanced Bioimaging Laboratory, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Thanks to producer, Stephen Hewitt from Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Camera Crew Hong Kong had the pleasure to work with Financial Times Films again. We thank Primrose, Thomas and Johnathan for their insights, Tom and Tabby for their editorial excellence. We look forward to filming them again.

Camera Crew Hong Kong produced a 4 cameras interview with a media company in London for a major global financial institution. The internal communication video were filmed at their headquarter in Hong Kong against Victoria Harbour skyline. We thank video producer Charlotte, Pauline and Alex in the UK for their invitation to the project and their creativity. We thank Britt, a presenter with American TV broadcaster ABC for her brilliant presentation. We look forward to more video production from our clients in London. We thank the institution's chief investment officer and team for their time and effort in the filming of the video. Our DOP James Goldman thanks the gaffer, camera operators and lighting cameramen for their excellent professional camera work. 3 x Sony FX9 and a Sony A1 on slider was a great setup for the job for capturing skin tone, the vista and clean sound.

It was a pleasure to work with the FT, The Financial Times again. We thank Daniel from London for his excellent organisation, Thomas and Primrose's insights and their fantastic presentation in FT's office in Hong Kong. We look forward to working with FT team again. 2 x Sony FX9 cameras provided the editor with editorial freedom to find the best angel for every headline in the video.

We thank Adam from Santa Barbara, California and Microsoft stat side for hiring our camera crew in Hong Kong to film their client's testimony. We thank the local team from Microsoft for their support of the filming. 2 x Sony FX9 cameras gave the subjects freedom to express themselves at their own pace.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Carlyle again. We thank producer Orla, Rashid, Andrew and Noah from Los Angeles for their endless creativity and inspiration. We were grateful for the captivating presentation by Carlyle's top brass again.
Our 23 inch dual monitor autocue system enable the director to bring the best of every presentation to live in realtime.
We look forward to working with Carlyle and top teams from Los Angeles again soon.

Cameraman Hong Kong’s Euronews coverage on Hong Kong business news is now live.

We thank the support from everyone involved.
It is always a pleasure to film with Euronews.

Learn more about what is trending in global businesses in Hong Kong, please visit.

Our commercial video production team is excited to film the first promotional video for a groundbreaking fitness technology. We thank Anna, Eri, all the other talents involved, makeup and hair, and Brendan for inviting us to the project as well as his creative input.

We are grateful to our photographer from Japan for his visions and support..
We look forward to the benefits such technology will bring to the fitness community worldwide.

It is a pleasure to work with Amazon again.

Camera Crew Hong Kong is grateful for another successful RED Helium 8K green screen video production of a virtual presentation for Amazon Web Services.
We thank Stefan Klein and Michelle for their rock star presentation, Emma for her insights, Simon for his brilliant design, Monique for her spot on direction, Sam for his creative input, Anna for her leadership, Amelia for her swift organisation, Cyril and Jimmy for their mentorship on production workflow and latest technology.

It is always a pleasure to work with the Sydney and Auckland team.

Our producer in Hong Kong / director of photography James Goldman is thankful to gaffer Ming, First AC Wei and their teams, sound recordist Eric and Cinerent for their excellent work.
We are honoured to work with all our amazing partners in the exciting age of commercial space.

It is always a pleasure to work with Financial Times. We thank Tom from the London office for inviting us to the project and the New York team for their support. We were grateful to James in the FT office in Hong Kong for sharing his brilliant insights.

2 x Sony FX9 continues to be the best combo for coverage with video interviews.

It was a pleasure to work with Chris Burns, Euronews, Mathew and his team again on Spotlight Hong Kong - a series of Interviews and B-roll for TV broadcast on the latest business news from Hong Kong.

Special thanks to Frederick, Chairman of European Chamber of Commerce and his team for his insight and brilliant screen appearance.

We thank Michael and John from Vacuumlabs Asia for their expert input on entrepreneurship and Fintech.

We are grateful to the M+ and West Kowloon Cultural District Palace Museum, their directors, their teams and their excellent organisation.
Camille and Geraldine from Lyon, France are the most helpful.

We are honoured to work with our drone pilot, Hercules, again.
We look forward to working with them all again soon.

We were grateful to David from South Carolina and his agency's invitation to film a green screen production with one of the global computing giants. We thank Ken, his language adviser, his assistants, and his team in Hong Kong for their professionalism and support.

We thank the brilliant lightning from our gaffer Geogre R Simon.
It was a pleasure to work with David and we look forward to working with him again.

Congratulations to Carlyle Global Investment's achievements and tremendous returns for their clients in 2021! We were honoured Orla and Andrew from Los Angeles invited us to work with them again in the remote video production of Carlyle's Annual General Meeting with New York.

XD's one take wonders are awesome as ever.

We thank our gaffer - best boy team, Tat and Ming for their bring their feature films and commercials lightning to a corporate set, AC Geogre R Simon's attention to details and Cinerent's excellent service and well maintained equipment.

We thank Simon and M+ again for inviting us to aerial filming of M+, the newest addition to the iconic Hong Kong skyline.

We are humbled by our drone pilot Hercules , one of Hong Kong's top drone pilots and his expertise from feature films and commercials.

We thank Harry and Beth in London, Belinda in Auckland, Josh and Eric in Hong Kong for their time, professionalism and support for another successful shoot for ITN. We also thank gaffer Christopher Steven Parker for his exceptional work.

It was a privilege to film and set up remote interviews with the director and the creative forces behind M+ at West Kowloon Cultural District. We thank Simon, Kate and Sonia from London for their excellence and their trust in us with this historical project. We thank the M+ team in Hong Kong for their brilliance and support. Director of Photography James Goldman thanks gaffer Christopher Steven Parker for his exceptional work.

The Sony A1 on a gimbal on Segway Lomo works magic presenting architecture, the freedom of camera movement did justice to the sense of scale of M+. Sony FX9 was versatile at any lighting situation we threw at it. We look forward to working with Simon, his team and M+ in the near future.

We were honoured to film and set up remote interviews with the CEO of DZ Bank North Asia in Hong Kong for Uwe in Germany. We thank Susanne and her team for their vision and clear directives. We are grateful for the support from DZ bank’s team in Hong Kong.Director of Photography James Goldman thanks gaffer Christopher Steven Parker for his wonderful work.

We shot video portraits with Elite models agency on the Sony A1, a gimbal and the Segway Lomo. Our hats off to CL, Lucci, Natalie and Yanna for their amazing work


Big thanks to Daniel from Los Angeles for inviting us to film Hubble, the world's top innovator of children friendly mobile connectivity, devices and content.

We are grateful to Founder and CEO Dino Lalvani and his family for bringing safe mobile connectivity between kids and parents around the world.

We thank Danny for his excellent lighting.

We were grateful for Captain Bjorn Hojgaard, his team and Melissa at Anglo-eastern, the world largest shipping fleet for their time and support for the video interviews and b-roll. We were inspired by their command centre and their smart actions to increase efficiency and decarbonize. We thank Nick from London for inviting us to this project with UK Chamber of Shipping. Director of Photography James Goldman thanks assistant producer Max A Element for his excellent work.

We thank motion pictures distributor Curtis from New York for commissioning us to shoot a video interview a legendary film producer in Hong Kong. Director of Photography James Goldman thanks gaffer Max A Element for his excellent work.

It was a pleasure to work with Carlyle and Hardpin Los Angeles again. We thank XD and his team's stellar performance (We can’t believe they are not actors!), director Rashid for his brilliant comedy, Orla and Ray’s excellent management, Jordan’s vision on corporate cinematography and George’s great lighting.

It was a pleasure to work with Gary Hwa at EY again. We thank Danny for his excellent lighting.

We were honored to be filming with the global leader in knowledge search - Alpha Sights.

Special thanks to Andrew and his team’s worldly insights and their generosity with their time and resources. Their new open plan office with corner meeting spaces was a joy to film. We wish Alpha Sights and their clients’ every success now and in the future.

We thank Paul who was filming in New York for inviting us to the project and Sacha in Shanghai for putting the Shanghai team together.

Sony A1 proves to be working seamlessly as a still and video camera and with the Sony FX9 as the third camera.

We were excited to work with the Israeli global shipping company ZIM logistics. We thank Shumel for his diligence and timeliness and various CEOs for their time before the cameras.
Shooting with two Sony FX9 enables us to get the best out of every speech and save time.

Camera Crew Hong Kong is grateful for a successful RED Dragon 6K green screen video production of a virtual presentation for Amazon Web Services.

We thank Stefan Klein and Michelle for their rock star presentation, Emma for her insights, Simon for his brilliant design, Monique for her spot on direction, Sam for his creative input, Kyle for his leadership.

Thumbs up for the Sydney and Auckland team.

Our producer in Hong Kong / director of photography James Goldman is thankful to gaffer Ming, First AC Wei and their teams, and sound recordist Eric.

We look forward to working with Imagination and Amazon again. We were proud to work a visionary company which provides essential services to the world and innovates through the pandemic and beyond.

It was an honor to shoot this black background interview with David Hayes, the Australian equestrian legend for Cambridge Stud via Gibson Group.

We thank Harley from New Zealand for her swift and concise support, Scott and Kriz for their excellent lighting and camera work.

We thank Gary Hwa, Forbes Councils Member for his expert delivery for the camera. It was a pleasure to work with EY again. We thank Moray and Danny for their excellent lighting and camera work.

Sony A1 is scheduled to arrive in our studio in Hong Kong on 2021.06.16.
Serious eye candy shots for b-roll on the Segway Lomo is on the horizon.
The Sony A1 will also join our Sony FX9s for multi camera EPK / BTS / ENG / Junket / behind the scene interviews.

Thanks to Tom, Richard, Robert, Josephine and Daryl at WPP, London for their brilliant creative input, the excellent performance of the Duracell team in Hong Kong and gaffer Wah, our shoot at the Hong Kong Science Park with the Sony FX9 was a success.

Thanks to the Walkers Team, James the MC, Eric, the Black magic ATEM panel operator, Justin, the second cameraman, gaffer Wah and 2 x Sony FX9s, the virtual conference with a host of speakers from global financial institutions was a smooth sail.

Camera Crew Hong Kong was the camera crew for a prime time BBC2 documentary with one of the most iconic British global hotel group. We thank Verity for the invitation to the project, Jacqueline for accommodating us for filming, Paddy and Andre for their generosity with their time, and the wonderful experience they brought to the travelers around the world, the Sony FX9 and our gimbal for butter smooth interior walk-throughs.

Many thanks to Jeanne from New York for hiring our cameraman in Hong Kong for a Blizzard Entertainment project with the Sony FX9.

It was a privilege for our camera crew and cameraman in Hong Kong to go live from Hong Kong with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on the BAFTA winning show This morning on ITV. We thank Lauren, Phoebe, Doug, John, Alexandra, Ryan, India from ITV production for the great show, Amy, the tour guide for her amazing presentation, Jasmine from Hong Kong Tourism Board in the UK, Carol from the Star Ferry, Eric the sound recordist and Issac, the LiveU operator, the Sony FX9, the beautiful sunset and the gorgeous skyline of Victoria Harbour.

Location and green screen pieces to camera filming with 2 x Sony FX9 cameras for Equinx, we think Alex and Diarmid for their excellent delivery and hospitality. It was a pleasure to work with Paul and Caitlin again.

Broll with Sony FX9 on Crane 3S gimbal for Equinix, infrastructure for global digital leaders. Big thanks to Caitlin, Mary and Paul for their creativity, leadership and invitation to the project.

It was a pleasure to work with producer Johannes from Scottsdale, Arizona on a global project, We are thankful for his excellent creative direction.

Our gratitude goes to Justin, second camera operator, gaffer, Wah, and team Isola, Hong Kong for a smooth and successful shoot.

It was an honour to film Benjamin Hung, Regional CEO of Retail Banking of Great China and North Asia at Standard Chartered delivering his annual message in a green screen shoot.

We thank team Standard Chartered, Hong Kong for their impeccable organization and attention to details. Their valuable effort enable us to do Ben's presentation justices.

Our gratitude goes to Conor from London for his brilliant brief, concise storyboard and swift directives.

LiveU streaming with Sony FX9 in Tsim Sha Tsui harborfront, Hong Kong, for talk show Live non e la Durso, Canale 5, Milan.

It was an honor to work with Italian cultural icon Heather Parisi and her family. We thank Umberto for his hospitality. We are grateful to Veronika’s invitation to the project and the Director / Producer from Mediaset Group for her brilliant direction, Luca for his detailed specifications, floor manager, Luigi for his timely translations, and Issacs for his delivery, even at weekends.

Director of photography and production company for a commercial with German skincare global brand Eucerin.

Our gratitude goes to actress/celebrity Selena, her management, makeup and wardrobe team, the client, the advertising agency, executive producer Nir, director Joe, first AC Yun, gaffer Ming, and team, production manager Chan at the studio, Cinerent, Salon films rental, and Rentacamera.

We thank Orla, Russ, Rashid & Jordan from Hardpin, Los Angeles for involving James Goldman, director of photography & crew in a global project for a global investment institution.

Our gratitude goes to George, the second camera operator, Tat the gaffer, Ming the best boy, Cine Mobile at Cinerent, and One Cool Hang Wan camera rental for their excellent work and engineering ingenuity.

With Ricky from Hang Wan, we developed a nimble gimbal system with Ronin S which fits the tram windows. Thanks to Cineflow Black Arm, Movi Pro & Rickshaw, the tracking shot of the skyline was spectacular.

We developed a LUT for the Sony FX9 to match the RED Dragon for the project. It works beautifully.

It was our privilege to work with such an enterprising, creative, and progressive team.

We look forward to working with Hardpin again.

Filming B rolls with car mounts. Special thanks to Director Franz Bohm from Germany.

Autocue / Teleprompter operator for China CEO, AIA insurance.

We thank Steve for inviting us to the project.

2020.07 Documentary filming with Sony FX9 for a German documentary. Special thanks to Director Franz Bohm.

Huge thanks and congratulations to our clients - Apple Inc, Empty, Marc, Gregory, Fernando, Csaba, and Rosanne, for their innovation and hospitality. Their talents made the three Sony FX9 cameras corporate shoot a success. Director of Photography James Goldman sends his utmost gratitude to second camera operator Moray and sound recordist Eric.

Documentary filming with Sony FX9 for a German documentary. Special thanks to Director Franz Bohm.

Documentary filming with Blackmagic cinema camera for a Canadian documentary. We thank Rentacamera.com for providing equipment.

It was a week of great shoots with Euronews again on the Sony FX9. We thank Fanny, Chris, Mathew, Tracy for their excellent journalism and editorial work. Special thanks to Steven and Kenennth at Hong Kong Airport Authority for showing us their cutting edge technologies, Alice from Art Power, Annabelle from Sinclair Communications, Asia Society, Eric and Michael from Cyberport, Jayne and Davis from Invest Hong Kong, Professor Man and Angel from Poly U, Cathy from West Kowloon Cultural, Kelsey from Immuno Diagnostics, Kusy from Science Park, Sum and Alice from Eventxtra.

Documentary filming for VICE Media Netherlands with 2 x Sony FX9. Special thanks to Director Van den Ham.

Piece to camera corporate video for SAP with Sony FX9. Special thanks to Michael and Danny.

It was a pleasure working with P&G and Wildvertising again. We thank Ben and Loic for their originality, creativity, and vision. Producer / Director of Photography James Goldman is grateful for Dalbag, Beth, Faith, Canossa for sharing their insights. Big thanks to Primo Management Ltd and our talent from Korea.

We salute to the excellent work of Director Cho, Stylist CL and makeup and Hair team, First AC Tung and team, Graffer Tat, Ming and team, set designer Ka Ho, prop masters Fai and Huá from Green base.

Special thanks to B and the team from Shing Fung Film studios. Louise from Cinerent and Tony and Edward from iCine for their expertise and improvisations.

PhantomFlex 4k, Arri Alexa, Arri Master Primes, and PeeWee Dolly are a great combo for beauty, cosmetic, and skincare commercial shoots.

We are grateful for everyone's effort to make the set safe space to work.

We look forward to working with P&G, Wildvertising, and the teams again.

Salutes to the logistic teams of our client, the France-based medical imaging company Guerbet again for their success in securing masks globally throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. We thank Joseph and Marc's time to share their amazing stories on the Sony FX9 in their office in Hong Kong.

New office for our corporate video production, broadcast, and camera hire services. We thank the IFC2 and Servcorp team for their professional services to accommodate us in the heart of Hong Kong, minutes away from fortune 500 clients.
Our camera operators and camera hire clients can now pick up and drop off their equipment in the most convenient location in Hong Kong 24/7, directly above the airport express and MTR Central Station.

A round of applause and gratitude to our client, the France-based medical imaging company Guerbet for their support to the hospital building effort in response to Covid-19 in Wuhan. We thank Joseph and Marc's time to share their amazing stories on the Sony FX9 in their office in Hong Kong.

After 14 days of quarantine, we are back for business. We thank our client’s patience and understanding.

LiveU streaming with Sony FX9 in Shanghai for talk show Live non e la Durso, Canale 5, Milan.

It was a privilege to work with the legendary Barbara D'Urso. We thank Fabio Testi and the family for their early hour appearances and hospitality, Director / Producer Elena from Mediaset Group for her excellent direction, Veronika for her diligence and wit, Luca for his technical expertise, and Issacs for his expediency. Best wishes to Italy and the world. We will all come through the coronavirus pandemic stronger and wiser.

Corporate documentary of lab meat with Sony FX9 at Hong Kong Science Park.
We are grateful for Jo and Jonathan’s invitation to the project and their brilliant directives. It was a pleasure to work with Patrick, a great voice, and a brilliant reporter.

Hats off to the team at Avant Meats’ effort to work towards a more sustainable future.

LiveU streaming with Sony FX9 in Tsim Sha Tsui harborfront, Hong Kong, for talk show Live non e la Durso, Canale 5, Milan.

It was an honor to work with Italian cultural icon Heather Parisi and her family. We thank Umberto for his hospitality. We are grateful to Veronika’s invitation to the project and Director / Producer Elena from Mediaset Group for her brilliant direction, Luca for his detailed specifications, floor manager, Luigi for his timely translations, and Issacs for his delivery, even at weekends.

2 Sony FX9 arrived. We thank A&S broadcast limited for the speedy delivery.
In compliance with the effort to curb the coronavirus, all productions were postponed and canceled in February 2020. We thank Senior Producer Alexa from Stept Studios, California and Vanessa from London for getting in touch with us. We apologize to all our clients for the inconvenience and wish speedy recovery for everyone affected.

Sports cameraman at Hong Kong Open Golf Tournament at Hong Kong Golf Club
Special thanks to Peter from Backheel Media and Chole
Shot with Sony FS7 MKII, edited with Adobe Premiere CC

Corporate Video Production for Global Robotics, Johannesburg, South Africa
Shot with Canon C300 MKII, 3 x LED panels and slider

Two Camera Interview with Bruce Wan, Director of Black Rock Investment, New York
Special thanks to Evan Leslie, Director of Black Rock Investment, William Corcoran and Mark Cooper from Private Equity International PEI, London
Shot with 2 x Canon C300 MKII, 6 x LED panels

(5 Cameras) Multi-Camera Roundtable at China Club in Central, Hong Kong for HSBC, London, UK
Special thanks to Producer Graham, Cameraman Justin, and Sound Recordist Eric
Shot with Sony FS7 MKII, 6 x LED panels

Three Camera Interview for The Post Internazionale TPI, Rome, Italy
Special thanks to Producer / Presenter Giulio Gambino, Journalist Veronica Di Benedetto Montaccini, Clarissa Valia, and Viola Serena Stefanello from the production team, Producer Justin Soloman, Sound Recordist Eric, and our 2nd Camera Operator from the UK.
Shot with 3 x Canon C300 MKII, 6 x LED panels

One on one interview for HSBC, London, UK
Special thanks to Graham
Shot with Canon C300 MKII, 6 x LED panels

A piece to camera for HSBC, London, UK
Special thanks to Graham
Shot with Sony FS7 MKII, 6 x LED panels

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) piece to camera on white background for Addleshaw Goddard LLP, London, UK
Special thanks to Senior Producer Jennifer Morris
Shot with Sony FS7 MKII, 6 x LED panels

Sports cameraman at Yonex-Sunrise Hong Kong Open at Hong Kong Coliseum, Hung Hom, Kowloon for Infront Sports, Zug, Switzerland
Special thanks to Sports Journalist Daniel Pordes and Peter Alsop
Shot with Sony FS7 MKII

Two Camera Interviews with tech entrepreneurs, founders, and CEOs at Disrupt Shenzhen, China for TechCrunch, San Francisco, California, USA.
Special thanks to Anna, Brian Heater, Catherine, Kate Clark, Lucas Matney, and Yashad Kulkarni from the TechCrunch team.
Shot with 2 x Canon C300 MKII, 6 x LED panels and slider

One on one interview for HSBC, London, UK
Special thanks to Graham
Shot with Canon C300 MKII, 6 x LED panels

EY Asia-Pacific Growth Markets Interview at CITIC Tower, Admiralty for Ernst & Young, EY, London, UK
Special Thanks to Katie Payme at EY, and Adam Connolly, Creative Director, Visual Domain, Melbourne, Australia
Shot with Sony FS7 MKII, 6 x LED panels

Stock Footage / B-Roll of Archigram Event for Dezeen, London, United Kingdom
Special thanks to Peter Cook and Dennis Crompton, Architects, Oliver Manzi, Head of Video, Benedict Hobson, Chief content officer, Dezeen, London, United Kingdom
Shot with Canon C300 MKII

Three Camera Interviews for Euronews, Brussel, France
Special thanks to Jakub Hera Adamowicz, Public Relations from Huawei, Damon Embling, Reporter, and Producer from Euronews, Brussel, France.
Shot with 3 x Canon C300 MKII, 6 x LED panels

Two Camera Interview with Ascensia, New Jersey, USA for Platformcan, London, UK
Special thanks to Karolina Kurczyna and Ravi Ruparel from Platformcan, London, UK
Shot with Sony FS7 MKII and Sony A7SII, 3 x LED panels

Fixer and Sound Recordist for Bird & Bird International Law Firm, London, UK
Special thanks to Dominic Sutherland and Fabio Guglielmelli from Next Shoot, London, United Kingdom
Shot with Sony FS7 MKII

Two Camera Interview at Quarry Bay with Boston Consulting Group, Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Special thanks to Meredith Kelly, Producer from Snippies, New York, United States
Shot with 2 x Canon C300 MKII, 6 x LED panels

Piece to Camera with CEO, Two Camera Interview and B-roll for deVere Group International Investments.
Special thanks to Nigel Green, CEO, Doug Tucker, UK
Shot with 2 x Canon C300 MKII, 6 x LED panels

Production Company and Director of Photography of P&G skincare commercials at Clearwater Bay Film Studio for Procter & Gamble Company, Ohio, United States and Grey Advertising, New York, United States.
Special thanks to Ivan Tang, Nelson Tsui, Jumbo Lee, Duffy Lau, and Jamie Wong from Grey Advertising, CL, Elite Model Agency, Paris, France, Steve Harvey, Stylist, Judy Yiu, Choreographer, Assistant Director, Peggy Chan, Kenny, Production Manager, Cho Chen, Director, Tung, Focus Puller / 1st AC, Tat & Ming Gaffers, Kenny, Key Grip, Tony from iCine, Louie from Cinerent, Olivia Hong, Glory Wu, and Dalbag Khaira from P&G, and Benoît Galand from Wildertising, Switzerland
Producer / Director of Photography
James Goldman
Shot with Phantom Flex 4K, Arri Alexa Mini, Arri Master Primes, Fisher 10 Dolly, Cantoni Lambda 25, GF-8 Crane, and Scorpio Micro Remote Head.

EY Asia-Pacific Growth Markets Interview at CITIC Tower, Admiralty for Ernst & Young, EY, London, UK
Special Thanks to Adam Connolly, Creative Director, Visual Domain, Melbourne, Australia
Shot with Sony FS7 MKII, 6 x LED panels

Certified Training of Arri Alexa LF and Arri Alexa 65 at Arri headquarter, Munich, Germany.
Location scouting in Ibiza, Spain
Special thanks to the Arri team and Motonautic Ibiza team.

Thanks to Jim's diligent communication from New York. Our shoot on the Canon C300MKII with the Boston Consulting Group was smoothly done in a day's notice. Our light panels did a fine job balancing the bright vista. We thank Bonnie at BCG and our Production Assistant Daniel for their excellent co-ordinations.

It is a wrap of a commercial for a global investment firm. It was a pleasure working with producer Sharon and Heather from the Netherlands, Director Pedro, and Director of photography Nanko. We are impressed by their unique take of the city. Sharon and Heather are fine examples of women in the business of film production. We wish them every success with the rest of the shoot around the globe. We thank Sound Recordist Eric for his preparedness, 1st AC Tung for his expertise with the Arri system, 2nd AC Leo for his grit, DIT Daniel for his willingness to go the extra mile to get the job done. Lee and his driver were excellent in their logistics. Our gratitude also goes to Ivan the talent and the talent provided by our client.
A week of luxury in the wilderness with BVLGARI, we thank Benoit from Switzerland for inviting us to the project and his brilliant creative direction. We are grateful to Nandakumar, Boobalan, George, his crew from Three Dots Film studios, Singapore Airlines, Radisson Blu, and Profoto for making the shoot a success.

Another day filming with DFS with 2 x Canon C300 MKII. We thank the DFS staff for accommodating our camera crew in Hong Kong.

It was a privilege and a pleasure to film for 60 minutes. Our camera crew in Hong Kong thank Grace from Sydney for her excellent production and Nick for his brilliant journalism. Our director of photography James Goldman’s gratitude goes to Fixer David for running a smooth show, Sound Recordist Eric for his always clean tracks and camera assistant Jeffery for accomplishing whatever the show threw at him. Our 2 x Sony FS7 and Sony A7S ii performed well.
We are grateful Kim invited us to the program.

We look forward to working with Channel Nine again.

It was an honor to film B-roll and glamour shots on the slider with Sony FS7 MKII again for The Chicago Booth University at Mount Davis. We thank Kevin for his tour at the campus and staring as our hero with Wendy in the hero shot by the window at magic hour.

We hope it cuts well with the drone footage we shot earlier. We thank Danelle for her concise brief and clear call sheet from London.

It was a pleasure and a privilege to record Aron Bohlig, the Founder of ComCap LLC and adviser of Alibaba and Tencent sharing his insight on online retail at Retail Asia Conference & Expo (RACE) at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The Sony FS7 MKII and the 18-200 Servo Power Zoom Lenses shine as a workhorse for clean audio and clear broadcast quality images. We thank Charlotte for her diligent communication with us from San Francisco.

We thank Benjamin and Stanley from Exomnia for their great organization to enable 2 x Canon C300 MKII video live feeds at the Broadway Theatre in Macau. Our gratitude goes to camera assistant Chung, who went above and beyond to get things done.

Our camera crew had a smooth day at the Aspire 2019 Medical conference with 2 x Canon C300 MKII.
We thank Sandeep for his excellent organization.

We thank Director / Producer James from Melbourne, Australia for taking our camera crew and our Canon C300 MKII on an architectural adventure in Hong Kong. Our gratitude also goes to Colin and Lindsay for their creative input for a concise brief.

Camera Crew Hong Kong celebrated excellence in fashion with Hugo Boss and contemporary art with 2 x Canon C300 MKII cameras, Canon CN-E Prime Lenses, Ready Rig, and Ronin 2 Gimbal.
Our hats off to the spot on directions and visions from the producer Juan from London and director Richard from Austria.
We are grateful for Uli Hung's time and interview. We thank Chris at Perrotin Gallery for his thoughtful organization and the stylist team for their brilliant styling.
Our DOP James Goldman thanks our focus puller David for helping us to stay sharp.
We look forward to working with Hugo Boss and Telegraph again.

A big round of applause and gratitude to the P&G team and the entire cast and crew for another excellent cosmetic promotional shoot.

We thank Brian for his time to oversee the execution.
We are grateful to Ben's wild direction from Switzerland.

We salute Annette, Chen-Jie, and Sabina to their energetic performances.
Our Director of Photography James Goldman expresses his utmost gratitude to 1st AC Tung and Gaffer Ming and Tat and crew for their support and smooth silk lighting.

Cinerent's ARRI Alexa Mini and ARRI Master Primes were in top condition as always. B from Shing Fung Studio was as helpful as ever.

We thank Manie from Quest and Lydia from Vivaldi for their talents and makeup and hair.

We look forward to the next shoot with P&G.

Congratulations again to Formula E's mission and vision to bring the most advanced automobile race to the picturesque resort island of Sanya, China.
The crowd adored the excitement. Visitors were thrilled to try Birdly VR supported by Allianz and virtual racing with the legends of Formula E drivers in person.
We thank Jhonny for his excellent direction and Nick for his patience and input for the final edits.

The Sony FS7MII proved itself once again to be one of the most agile packages to get through long days.

We thank Savannah from TWBA Australia and Tanya from MQU University for the amazing opportunities to interview their impressive students.
Hats off to the owner of Hang Wan Cinematic Equipment, Ricky, to be there in person when we test the ATLAS Orion T2 Anamorphic Primes on 2 RED Dragon Cameras.

We thank the Hong Kong Management Association for providing us a great location to set up a green screen shoot in the middle of Central, Hong Kong. We thank Fairmont House's security and management team for accommodating us.

Big thanks to Dutch TV SHOW - TROS for entrusting us a satellite interview with the supreme leader of The Democratic People's Republic of Korea... Howard X, the KIM Jong-un impersonator. We thank Jasper for her clear and concise communication and Ivo, the host of the show for his charm and wit, We thank our director Lydia for her attention to details. It was a jolly good laugh.

Thank you, Charlotte, Samara, and Elizabeth for bringing the Aesop Town Hall event to Quarry Bay, Hong Kong. The event was perfectly laid out. The speakers were fantastic. Our self-shooting director Lydia Carlson enjoyed the fragrance. Our gratitude goes to the Bacchus and Aesop Team.

We wish Aesop every success of their socially responsible, forward-thinking, and sustainable business.

Congratulations and gratitude to the Formula E team and Formula E CEO Alejandro Agag for bringing to Hong Kong the 3rd EPrix race. Braving the rain, our cameramen captured the electrified crowd with their Arri Amira and Sony FS7M2.
We thank Nick, Jhonny, and Donna for inviting us to a day in the life shoot with Bibendum, the Michelin man, overseeing every detail of the race, cutting 50th EPrix anniversary cake with Alejandro Agag, waking up from his hotel, having a shower and… He was cheered, adored, and celebrated by the crowd everywhere he went. Nick’s great direction took humor to the next level.
Big thanks to Cinerent and Hang Wan Cinema rental for their Arri Amira, Easyrig, and Arri Alura.
First ACs / Focus pullers David and Ming were legends in helping us to stay sharp at all times.

We thank Chris and Candy for inviting us to shoot the New Zealand TV show Grand Designs in Shenzhen. Chris was the most diligent in bringing the brief to live across the time zones.
Our Sony FS7 MKII performed well in low light conditions, in the car, and on the set. All the best to the Powells building their dream home.

Our Director Lydia Carlson and Director of Photography James Goldman are honored to create a series of beautifully lit black background interviews and creative b-roll to celebrate the 50 Anniversary of CMC Capital with 2 x Canon C300MK II in 4K. We thank Johnson for his fascinating narrative of half a century of CMC’s achievements. We are grateful for Judy, Lap, Dan, and Kris for their impeccable organization, concise brief, and technical expertise from Palo Alto. Many thanks to Carol, Larry, Chat, David, and Alice for their flexibility in making the shoot happen smoothly. In Larry’s word, we wish CMC Capital another 50 years of success.

A big round of applause to Antony Balmforth from Barclays, Hong Kong for participating in the He for She campaign. We thank Archie the producer for flying all the way from London to lead the production and the camera crew in Hong Kong. Our 2 Canon C300MK II held up well when balancing the light from the outside and inside. In Archie’s words, “very stylish with the skyline in the background.” We thank Lydia Carlson for her persistence on perfection and keen eyes for details.

Our Director Lydia Carlson and Director of Photography James Goldman are grateful for the NOC coffee team for involving us in this fun project for the NOC website. We enjoyed shooting in the well-curated space and the deliciously healthy caffeine and food. We are flattered Oliver told us the end result is looking great.

Congratulations to the winner of the Asian Private Banker Award of Distinction 2018. It was our pleasure and honor to film this exclusive interview at the Credit Sussie office at ICC. We thank Sebastian and the entire APB team for their organization to make the shoot happen as smoothly as possible.

Hats off to Chris to bring the Wellness @ Work to Hong Kong. Our 2 Canon C300 MKII made it a breeze to edit with fully matching settings.

Fun day with Olay. It’s always a pleasure to work with visionary client Victoria. Her insight into the state of the industry always leaves a great impression. We are grateful Alex from Shanghai came to share his thoughts. We thank Yann from Wild for his input and his staying up with us all night from across the globe.
Special thanks to our Director / Stylist Lydia Carlson for bringing her model’s sensibility and great taste in postures and shapes to the production.
We also thank Annette and Manie from Quest models.

Our Director of Photography James Goldman’s gratitude goes to First AC Tung for his sharp focus, Gaffer Tat for his beauty lights and their crew’s swift and precise executions. We thank Sam and Louie at Cinerent for their well maintained Arri Alexa Mini, Arri Master primes, Chapman Dolly, and particularly the hard to come by Arri Gearhead. Thumbs up to B from Shing Fu studio, who look after us well.

Pre-production weeks for Olay, the cosmetic global brand with our long time partner in the Alps, Switzerland, and Belgium. We thank Vincent for his precise and timely communications across the time zones. We are glad Ben had a great time in Brazil and thankful for his creative input amid his travels. Sound Recordist Eric, Gaffer Tat, First AC Tung, Shing Fung Film Studios, and Louie at Cinerent camera rental are legends to pull the shoot together in the nick of time. We are grateful to director Lydia Carlson for her vision, time, and preparation for the shoot.

It’s a wrap for the Continental promotional video, we thank Victor and Lisa for their visions and insights, Marco and Sino for their keen attention to detail and impeccable organizations. Milana at Elegance Model Agency was a great help. We are in awe of Paulina and Alina’s stunning beauty and their professionalism, despite the blistering cool. Our gratitude goes to stylist Lydia Carlson, who complimented Continental’s dazzling diamond jewelry with her great taste in fashion.

Aerial fun with our drone pilot and drone cameraman for The Chicago Booth University for their new campus at 168, Victoria Road, Mount Davis on Hong Kong Island. We are grateful for Eoin’s compliment... “The footage is very lovely. Actually some very nice stuff”.

Transformers Bumblebee Press Junket 2018. Congratulations and thanks to Hailee Steinfeld, Jorge Lendeborg Jr., John Cena, Director Travis Knight, Writer Christina Hodson, the entire Bumblebee cast and crew, and the producers from Paramounts studios for bringing the universe this gem of an engaging, spectacular, progressive and inspiring adventure. We are honored to serve such critical and box office success.

Our camera crews in Hong Kong were thrilled to work with Adam the Junket guy again for The Paramount Studios on this 10 camera shoot involving Sony F55 and Sony FS7 MKII, Sony FS5, Arri Alura and Canon Cine-Servo 17-120.
We thank Sound Recordist Mark Roberts and Engineer Louie at Cinerent for their remarkable technical expertise in rigging a versatile audio playback system that worked brilliantly for the studio executives.
We thank cameramen and DPs Pete, Rhys, Ben, Dave, Ryan from Australia for sharing their know-how on lighting Junket sets, Sound Recordist Rhys, and Dave for their boundless knowledge, Adam for his good humor, cool and a leader’s sixth sense. The staff at Ritz Carlton were, as always, the best.

Special thanks to cinematographer Raymond Yeung and Danny Lai, camera operator Justin Weily, David Chung, sound recordist Eric and P.A. Joshua.
Between interviews, Director of photography James Goldman was fascinated to hear the soccer adventures of a long time Transformers producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura in Hong Kong and his odyssey from a young man who traveled with a few words of English in Hong Kong to an admired producer in Hollywood and around the world. “Every adventure has a beginning”.

Thanks to The New York Times for bringing their annual luxury conference to Hong Kong. Special thanks to Diona for her resourcefulness to help our camera crew navigate the excitements at Government House on Upper Albert Rd, Central, Victoria Dockside K11 and the Intercontinental Hotel.

The CEO and president of the Ralph Lauren Corporation, Patrice Louvet, and Vanessa Friedman’s closing exchange put Luxury’s role in our world in perspective with sobering wisdom.

We are grateful for Claire’s creative input and her concise brief from London and editor James for his steadfast responses on all technical requirements.
It is always a pleasure to film for The New York Times.

Our Canon C300 MKII and Canon Optics proved itself again under the spotlights of the stages and behind the scenes, with (or rather without) equal flare.

Development and pre-production week for a diamond Jewellery promotional video. We thank Marco and Victor for their input for the classic car and Jewellery workshop.

Thanks to Rajnish Kapur's smooth presentation and Nicola's perfect organization. Our shoot went well at Walgreens Boots Alliance. Our Sony FS7M2, autocue, Countryman EMW wired lapel, Sennheiser MK416, and 3 points LED panel performed well.

Sunny day sailing at sea with our Sony FS7M2 and 18-200 zoom lens for American Express Centurion Concierge. We thank Andrea Churchill for reaching out to us.

20 flights and 1 Promotional video with 2 Canon C300 MKII at Muay Thai Station. We thank Viola Gaskell for her swift camera movement and her continuous focus for 4 restless hours. Who says tough aren't enough?

It was a great pleasure to work with Stuart, Margaret, and the Telstra Team again after a year. Hat off to Stuart and Margaret for their creativity, our crew transformed a local cafe - restaurant into a magical night scene. Our RED Raven and Ronin Gimbal held up in low light and at tight corners. We also thanks to the fantastic crew at the Peninsula Hotel for looking after us.

Big thanks to Tom's diligent organization from London, Jeffery Tung's lighting camera work, and Viola's wit. Our 2 camera Sony FS7M2 video interviews across Hong Kong and Singapore worked like a breeze. We look forward to working with Tom again.

An absolute joy to work with the Italian Chamber of Commerce and congratulations to their highest number of members this year. Cameraman Ryan Lee and Viola Gaskell worked their magic with the Canon C300 MKII and slider again at IF&B, Inalca Food & Beverage at CIAK Hong Kong. 300 F&B Excellence showcased their best products. We look forward to covering this gem of an event next year.

Gratitude to Jennifer, Mat from HSBC, Scott, and Sarah from Earthwatch for an exceptional adventure with the leaders of our future. Our Sony FS7M2, Sony A7SII, DJI Mavic Drone followed them into the jungle and into the waters. And a million thanks to the orangutans and wildlife that showed up at a moment's notice. We thank Nick for inviting us to the project.

Another 2 cameras shoot with Sony A7SII and Sony FS7 MKII with Breakfast with Bobsy Talk Show featuring the Founder of Green Monday, David Yeung in Mana Cafe, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.

It was a great day filming for Tous Jewelry in Shenzhen and Guangdong. We thank Mr. Yan and Mr. Wang for their excellent and relentless organization and Marta’s clear and concise briefing.

72 Dangerous Animals: Asia is now officially on Netflix. We thank our talented and brilliant producer Theresa Hess in Hong Kong for her exceptional interviews and impeccable production. We are grateful to Jane from ShowRunner Productions for her creativity and her invitation to this wild project.

"Footage looks great thanks!" Louise Love, Studio Manager, Proversity.
Hats off to Peter Wong for his one-take wonders for FIATA Training and Lou Love’s impeccable production. Our autocue system, Canon C300 MKII, Sennheiser MK416, and the LED panels performed well.

Financial forecast videos on the Canon C300 MKII for yet another major financial institution in Hong Kong

A financial video with NetRoadShow on the Sony FS7 MKII, we thank the NetRoadShow team for their timely organization.

Another smooth morning with 2 x Canon C300 MKII cameras with “Breakfast with Bobsy” talk show featuring Isaac, the Founder of Vegan Nation.

“You were amazing, and I hope we can do this again soon.”, Adam Butler.
Learning from the Media Junket Master himself, we thank Adam Butler for leading the media junket for Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Searching. Writer / Director Aneesh Chaganty and Sev Ohanian, Producer Timur Bekmambetov are inspirations to filmmakers. John Cho and Michelle La are awesome talents to work with. We wish Searching successes in the box office. Our 2 x Canon C300 MKII and 2 x Sony FS7 MKII setups, Avenger C-stands, and MK416 proved themselves to be reliable workhorses.

Filming for Apple Inc. and Forrester and partners with RED Raven, Canon C300 MKII, Canon 5D IV, Sony FS7 MKII, Sony A7SII with Canon Tilt-Shift lenses, a host of cine lenses, gimbal, and a 4k drone. We thank Ben, Marc, Lorenzo, Fernando, and the entire Apple and Foster team for their creativity and full support during filming.

Another successful shoot with our Canon C300 Mark II at T Galleria, DFS, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. We thank the DFS team for their excellence and efficiency.

World-class media training with Bladonmore with world-class instructors for a global bank. We thank Ben, David, Ella. Matthew and the rest Bladonmore team for opening our eyes to the best of the best in preparing for the press.

The internal video shoot went well with Canon C300 MKII for a major international bank.

Another successful shoot with our Canon C300 Mark II at T Galleria, DFS, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. We thank the DFS team for their excellence and efficiency.

3 Cameras VIP interviews at the Upper House Hotel, Admiralty, and Four Season Hotel, Central with Sony FS7II with Tania Bryer for CNBC.
Our cameraman in Hong Kong thanks CNBC producer, Jen Northam, Fixer / Sound recordist Mark Roberts and D.O.P. Nick Foxall for involving us in this exclusive project.

Sun shines on our shoot with our long time client, Brandeis University with the Canon 5DIV and Sony FS7II. We thank Kathryn Graddy for her time for the interview and the tireless effort of the Brandeis team to make the shoot happen across the time zones.

VIP Interviews and B-roll of CFA Institute Annual Conference 2018 at HKCEC (Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre), we thank Director / Producer and former New Yorker, Tony Lundon from London, for his outstanding direction. Shooting with 2 Sony FS7, our camera crew in Hong Kong captured CFA institute’s commitment to diversity, lifetime learning, and sound ethics… It was truly inspiring… Let’s measure up.

Special thanks to Airbnb host Becky Gilmour at Three Keys Craft Space in Chai Wan for her hospitality, Matthew Lin and Airbnb Producer, Vanessa Hurts for their efficiency and our cameraman Ryan Lee for his excellent work on the Canon 5D IV

Up close and exclusive two cameras interview with Rugby superstar Dan Carter for Rugby Pass on the RED, Canon 5DIV and Sony FS7 Mk II 4k Camera for B-roll. We thank Fred Culazzo for his cool, creativity and wit and Ben from New Zealand for his warmth and insightful questions.

Still Unbroken... Our hats off to Mark Webber and his band of talented and passionate musicians. Our camera crew in Hong Kong was impressed by the atmosphere they drummed up. With the Sony FS7 Mk II on Sachtler Hotpod 10, we filmed concerts smoothly with style... no platforms required.

Great talk and morning coffee at Mana Cafe Hong Kong... our cameraman Ryan Lee enjoyed filming a multi-camera talk show and product shots with Sony FS7 Mark II. Our gratitudes goes to Cristina McLauchlan at Mana and Tom.

A great day with the brilliant minds at Linklaters. We thank Penny Barsha for her professionalism, grace and impeccable organization.

The well-lit interviews were shot on two Canon C300 cameras in rapid succession with serenity and quality insights.
Our camera crew bears witness to a well managed and talented global company.

Our lighting cameraman, director, and our camera crew from Hong Kong return for the 3rd installment of a global series of short films highlighting the innovation of HP industrial print press systems.
We continue to use kick lights and camera movement to do justice for the dynamism of HP technologies.

We thank Mike and Jocelyn for their creative input and effective coordination. Our director was grateful for the professional insight

A story about plastic waste in Hong Kong produced by Danny Vincent from the BBC was broadcasted on the BBC World Service TV News Network today.
The video interviews and B-rolls were shot by our ENG cameraman in Hong Kong on our RED Raven 4K camera, with some shots on a crane and some shots at 120 fps.
We shot prores and our client was pleased how simple the RED workflow can be.
We thank Danny Vincent and BBC editor Neil Heathcote for the excellent coverage.
We look forward to working with the BBC again.

Insightful video interviews with Jim Walker and TL Tsim for Real Vision Television, our client on the Cayman Islands, at the Madera Hotel on Hollywood Road, Hong Kong.

We thank Badir for his thoughtful co-ordination and Frans's excellent visual direction. Thanks to our large LED sheets soft-boxes, our camera crew in Hong Kong creates a soft portrait which immerses the audience in the quality of the content.

Our British ENG cameraman in Hong Kong Chris shot a story about the South China Sea for a Brazilian TV network using a Sony A7SII and a super-cardioid mic.

Our camera crew from Hong Kong provided technical and equipment support with our GoPro Omni for the BBC's VR team. It was fun making the camera invisible and making sense of VR in terms of optical engineering.

We were impressed by BBC journalist Danny's professionalism, patience, and determination to get things right.
30th November 2017
Green screen chroma key shoot for global law firm Goodwin Procter for their global campaign at One Exchange Square Central.

Our camera crew in Hong Kong were grateful for the well thought out directives from Danni from Goodwin.
Goodwin's team's attention to detail helped us to make the shoot a success.
Our portable green screen setup proved itself to be a time-saver for our client in corporate video productions.

Fun days at Arrow Studio in Taipei with Broncolor Para 222, Para 133, Kino Flos, Arri 1k, RED Raven, Sony A7SII, and the DJI Ronin.

We thank our clients, Olay cosmetics and Wildvertising, particularly Ben, Vincent, Rafael, and Victoria for their innovation, creativity, and insights.
It was a pleasure working with celebrity models Alice Topps from the UK and Ma Sichun from Taiwan and filming side by side with Saatchi & Saatchi advertising agency.

Our Director of Photography from Hong Kong James Goldman had a grand time painting with lights with Cameraman Rafael from Belgium and our gaffer, another Vincent, from Taipei.
We look forward to shooting with world-class creative talents and top models again soon.

2017.10.16, 17, 19, 20, 22
It was a week of happy shooting with the Telstra team from Australia headquarter on the RED Raven and Ronin, Sony FS7 Mark II, and Manfrotto slider. Three days in Hong Kong. Two days in Manila. Our director of photography James Goldman and our camera crew, camera assistant, and sound recordist from Hong Kong enjoyed a week of dynamic camera work, breathtaking visions, and a diverse workplace at the Australian technology company.
We are grateful for the producer's excellent organization, the director's creative vision, and the client's positive energy.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Mark Roberts, David Chung, and the BBC again.

We were delighted to help execute Director Jon Sayers' (Happy 20th year anniversary with the BBC, Jon) and Director of Photography John's vision on the Sony F55 4k camera with a ring light, light wand, and portable LED panels. We creatively lit a naturalistic lantern scene on Shek O beach in low light.

Thanks to the Hong Kong Tourism Board, our camera crew chased the fire dragon at Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance in Causeway Bay. We look forward to supporting our next camera crew in Hong Kong.

Thanks to Metta at California Tower, Central, Hong Kong, we filmed an exclusive video interview with a diamond industry expert on behalf of a client from London.

With Arri lights and Chimera softbox, we balanced the light well between the interviewee and the breathtaking view of Central, Hong Kong in his background. The Sony FS7 MKII variable ND filter helped to keep the same depth of field throughout the interview despite the changing lights out the windows.
Our Sennheiser directional lapel recorded a clear track over a roomful of buzzing, passionate entrepreneurs.

2017.08.03, 10, 24
Those were great days working with The Financial Times team from London. We thank Stefanie Linhardt, the Europe editor of The Banker for her exceptional on-camera interviews, Sharold Palmer, Head of Digital Publishing for her clear concise vision, Chris Conway, Digital Production Editor for his excellent direction, and, last but not least our client, HSBC team for their generosity with their time and effort to make it a success.
With Sony EX1 and Sony EX3's deep depth of field and lots of LED lights, we created a news studio live broadcast look within an hour.

We look forward to working with the FT and HSBC again.
14th-15th, August 2017
It was a pleasure working with Aha-films from Germany to promote a cultural exchange program between The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and a German university.

It was an honor and pleasure or camera crew in Hong Kong to film and have a laugh with Christian Fuchs, Rob from Brand Brewery, Karren from DHL, and Harj Hir from Leicester City for the 2016/17 Premier League season DHL. No Fuchs Given, of course. We look forward to next year.

It was a pleasure working with DHL and Maverick at the Hong Kong International Airport at Cargo Bay
Our sound recordist in Hong Kong brought a Zoom F8 there to support a shoot with Sony A7S and Blackmagic Recorder. Thank you, Eddie (the director) and crew. See you next time.

Virtual Reality video and some vertical video with the Sony FS7 II and Sony A7S II by our cameraman in Hong Kong for a major airline. The client saw the first rush of the footage and thought the shots of Victoria Peak, Victoria Harbour, and Causeway bay were spotted on. Fingers cross weather in Hong Kong stays good.

Our camera crew in Hong Kong is proud to capture progress on the b-roll of Carol Liao in the “Women of the Executive Committee” video. We thank Carol for her grace and time and Gloria NG for her excellent organization and attention to detail. It is a pleasure to work with Boston Consulting Group again.

Our cameraman from Hong Kong with Sony FS7 II and a slider filmed Innovation with Ed Begley. Jr in two factories with two interviews in Shenzhen and Guangzhou. We like to thank Rey Hsu, a man of Warton, for organizing the day and bringing innovation to our world. We like to thank Rick Yao and Jossef Pugatsch for their time, insight, and relentless effort to turn technologies into productivity.

An inspiring day with Deloitte and HSBC. Our cameraman and photographer in Hong Kong captured the Digital Leader workshop in a funky industrial loft at Aberdeen.

Big thanks to the Italian Chamber of Commerce for bringing Italian style to Hong Kong again. Our camera crew in Hong Kong filmed 40 exhibitors with DJI Mavic drone, Red Raven, and Sony FS7 cameras. Our special thanks go to Antonello De Riu, Consul General of Italy in Hong Kong and Macao, Luca Cico, President, The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and Macao and Anna Romagnoli, General Manager, The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and Macao for giving us their takes on camera of the two fun days. We are excited to see what the Italian Market will bring from Italy to Hong Kong next year.

Thanks to the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Intesa Sanpaolo, the first StartIT.Asia event brought Italian and world innovators and investors together in Asia's world city. Our cameraman and photographer in Hong Kong captured the exciting and transformative events.

Thanks to the Shangri-La Hotel, Kerry Hotel, and Sealed Air teams from Singapore and their dedication and attention to details, the shooting of training videos at the new Kerry Hotel in Hung Hom was a smooth sail.

Our camera crew Jeffrey and Jan completed setups a night ahead of the shoot and prepared for the shoot 90 minutes ahead of the training with 2 Sony FS7 cameras. We enjoyed the shoot. A nice hotel indeed.

Thanks to iRobot, Jabil, BYD teams, and our producer from Singapore, our camera crew filmed some stunning images of how our favorite robots are made in their factories with our sliders, DJI Ronin, and DJI drones. Guangzhou and Shenzhen cities are growing as fast as ever. The Silicon Valley of Hardware is full steam ahead.

We thank iRobot for freeing up our time from cleaning up and showing us how robots can help people live a better life. The future is now. We thank BYD for giving the world a cleaner future with their electric cars. Our camera crew from Hong Kong and our gear definitely enjoyed the ride.

Big thanks to Anna, Aurelia, Jamie, Megan, and Tess for the amazing job of featuring ANGA bra with their insights and alethic figures.

We'd also like to thank Floriane at the Elegance model agency for getting us extraordinary talents in the nick of time.
Aurelia was our heroine of the day, watching her ride the wave to a European victory.

We salute you, Cherry of ANGA bra, Reggie, and Calvin at Global Source, for bettering our world the way only entrepreneurs can.

Beyond Fitness, thank you for letting us film at your colorful boxing gym.
Filming in Victoria Peak, the waterfront Sun Yat-sen Memorial Park and Kwun Tong, Ryan Lee of Camera Crew Hong Kong demonstrated his dedication to quality work.

It was an exciting time with a wonderful bunch.

Thanks to team American Club, location scouting at the American Club city club at Exchange Square was smooth and informative. Plenty of good angles were found at the recce. Now we will need a good weather day to highlight its stunning 360 views of the Victoria Harbour. Fingers crossed.

"Thank you for your help on this filming project and for getting everything sorted so quickly! I'll keep you and your team in mind for any other projects which come in Hong Kong in the future."
You are welcome Sophie, our producer in London.

Green screen shoot in Kung Tong, Kowloon was done in 15 minutes. Thanks to the outstanding performance of our client and the teleprompter. Reading from Autocue takes skills. The SONY FS7 Mark II and S-Log 3 did well. Our client from London was delighted by the speed of our cloud.

Salutes to the participants of the Spin For Survival Exhibition, the Hong Kong Observation Wheel team, and the Hong Kong Ocean Park team. Their creativity
and commitment to conservations knew no bounds. Despite heavy rain, they smiled and waved from 60 meters and marched on. Hong Kong and its environment are lucky to have them.

Immediate upload after a day of fast and furious shooting of Vox-pops interviews for a New York-based research firm with the Sony FS7 Mark II in Taikoo Shing. Gratitude to all participants for sharing their personal experience and valuable insights on our video interviews.

And yes, all of you look very good with bokeh. Thanks to Sony's variable ND filter, we kept the same bokeh any time of the day.

A big thank you to Heliservice pilot Richard and the Heliservice / Peninsula Hotel team for taking the celebrated Misshattan (@misshattan) and our aerial cameraman up for a bird's eye view with aerial photography and filming. Richard took us to all the right places above Tsim Sha Tsui, Central, Sheung Wan, and Wan Chai to get amazing helicopter shots of the New York of the orient.

Our RED Raven camera and the Canon CN-E 14.5-60mm T2.6 L S Cinema Zoom performed with flying colors.
Filming Misshattan at work was mesmerizing. Her passion for aviation and photography shined like a diamond in the sky.

Tributes to the first woman Head of China Research at Citigroup and Merrill Lynch Bank in Asia. In an interview our camera crew captured, the lady herself set a role model to put gender aside at the workplace and trust in the fairness of the game.

Our video editor enjoyed the post-production of a Virtual Tour of a Hong Kong Contemporary Art (HOCA) exhibition at Repulse Bay. Thank you to HOCA's wonderful team for staying for the shoot after a long day's work from dawn till dawn the day before.

A big thank you to the well organized Adidas team for a fun day of filming. Our Hong Kong camera crew shot back to back interviews and b-rolls on a gimbal with the Red Raven Camera at Adidas's awesome Asia Headquarter at Cityplaza, Tai Koo. The energy and the focus of every employee there shine through the lens.

1,047,307 views on YouTube. Congratulations Road Tripper! Our Sony FS7 camera crew in Hong Kong is proud to support the vision of director/producer Johan de Weert. Shot with an Inspire 1 drone, 2 x Sony FS7 and a Canon 5D, Our cameramen and sound recordist captured the adventure and excitement of the Dutch celebrity travel reality show Road Tripper at Tsim Sha Tsui, Mongkok and Victoria Peak. We look forward to filming more travel programs on the Sony FS7 Mark 2 to promote Hong Kong and Asia.

Our news cameraman shot interviews and general views for daily TV news on a Brazilian TV news network. The program features scaffolding in construction. The lightweight Sony A7S II rose and shined from a ledge on a 16th-floor building. Asia correspondent Luiza Duart was on a roof to witness this uniquely Hong Kong experience.

Metabone Canon EF Lens to Sony E Mount T CINE Speed Booster ULTRA 0.71x arrives. Now we can match shots with our clients from the UK, US, Europe, China, and other parts of Asia.

A big round of applause to our well organized producers and clients from London and Singapore. Our camera crew from Hong Kong shot interviews against the skyline of Singapore sky high at the Standard Chartered Bank building and spectacular B-roll footage with the RED Raven on the Ronin Gimbal at the bank's swanky office across Marina Bay Sands. We look forward to the final corporate video and filming in the Lion City again.

Working with the co-founder of Real Vision. Experts from the financial world and entrepreneurs opened up on back to back 2 Canon C100 cameras interviews. We spend the day transforming a Wan Chi hotel suite into a sound stage with black flags, c-stands, and light panels. Our producer was thrilled to catch up with fellow corporate communication professionals. The client left with a big smile, clear audio tracks, and well-composed video interviews. For a year now we enjoy working with such inspiring content. Thank you Real Vision.

We have been in the industry since 1995.

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