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A Media Production Corporation – Independent Feature Film and Media Production.

Our Mission:
To bring the best of imagination to life. We will always make efforts to couple artistic passion with technological expertise. We provide a platform for great script development, excellence in cinematography and executive production for feature length films. We will produce the highest quality media for the most competitive market value. Our a belief is that a smaller group of passionate, creative and talented individuals can bring powerful imagery and great stories to the big screen as well as the small screen.

ViRTUAL INTERACTiVE originally appeared as a Bulletin Board System (BBS) community in 1992. By 1999, we provided Technology Solutions and modest software development, most notably UTron. Then in 2004, with the growth of internet media, we became involved with post production software testing and eventually we were able to transform and establish ourselves as a media production company, starting with just basic on-set production services. Since 2008, we’ve had great success in production development and have grown tremendously. In 2010, we Incorporated and developed a complete media production and studio division.

Feature length Movie production including Script Development, Production Development and Post-House Services. We also produce Commercial Media, Web Media, Interactive Media and Photography.

In Production:
As an independent production company, ViRTUAL INTERACTiVE, Inc. carries a full compliment of studio equipment. Environmentally conscience, we make every effort present a small “footprint” in Production. We currently utilize complete Kessler Crane Systems including motorized pan/tilt systems, small portable jibs, doorway dollies, sliders, stabilizers and Arial Video Systems (complaint with current FAA regulation requirements (Aug 2016) ). We also carry a full array of lights and the necessary field audio equipment to capture high quality sound. We believe that we have all the tools needed to help you get the right shot.

In post production:
ViRTUAL INTERACTiVE, Inc. is proud to own fully licensed, fully supported software and employs several editing bays. We utilize the complete Adobe Creative Cloud platform including an array of essential post production systems and video plug-in suites.

We have been in the industry since 2002.

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