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I'm a cinematographer, colorist, and FAA Licensed drone pilot living in Detroit shooting documentary television and feature films all over the world. I'm always willing to experiment with process. I own and operate several different camera, drone and lighting systems depending on the needs of the client. I shoot scripted narrative from time to time and I've built a strong resume in shooting for VFX and other post-production heavy workflows.
I have over twelve years of experience leading large crews, adapting to provide a wide spectrum of visual needs, working with post production for efficiency and creative follow through, and a consistent trajectory toward understanding the art of storytelling. I've been coloring my own work for over a decade, but began coloring professionally over four years ago. I now work freelance within DaVinci Resolve from my own color suite remotely or at a post facility. I color most of my own work, so all of the cinematography showreels on my site are also my color reels. Links to specific films available upon request. My personal photography and filmography over the past several years has been more focused on scientific understanding and outreach, biophilia, archiving and preserving history, and the mysterious chasm that lies between the sciences and the humanities. CAMERA SYSTEMS: Sony F5 cinema package with PL cinema zoom, other lenses, and external 4k RAW recorder, Sony A7s cinema package with various lenses and 4k option, Canon 7d package and lenses. I also have a a large selection of lighting and can provide a sliding scale of packages. DRONE SYSTEMS: Inspire 1 X5R RAW, Phantom 4.

I have been in the industry since 2003.

Zachary Halberd - Documentary Reel 2016
Added on 3/1/2016
Zachary Halberd - Documentary Reel 2016

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