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Finally, a production company that does more than just film videos. A creative agency meets production powerhouse, all under one roof:


While other production companies primarily dedicate themselves to filming, we provide in-house creative services that analyze your marketing and content needs, and come up with ideas, build scripts and write copy for campaigns and video content that ensure the realization of those needs, and the maximization of your brand objectives. Think of it as a production company, meets creative writing collective.


With the quick turnaround, multifaceted and multi-platform digital content needs that brands now have, the bureaucratic production methods of the past no long work well for brands, and that’s why we’ve devised a set of revolutionary production workflows and models – seen nowhere else – that ensure that a brand’s video content objectives are met with the speed, efficiency and cost-effectiveness necessary to keep them at the top of their market.


While many production companies can make a good video, we can make a video even better, because we also know how to make something more difficult in the visual medium: an award-winning film. The immense complexity of executing such a task successfully in the past has trained us with the ability to master virtually anything in a visual medium that involves storytelling, whether it be for a brand, or an audience.

We have been in the industry since 2015.

Nike feat. Fernanda Queiroz: "Be What You're Born With"
Added on 2/9/2018
A commercial that the Luminary Visuals team, wrote, filmed, edited and produced for the Brazil division of iconic American sports brand Nike, profiling Fernanda Quieroz, one of their best known Master Trainers, and a major fitness-related personality in that country. The commercial explores the themes of motivation, inspiration and the desire to reach one's full potential, with the grueling intensity of Fernanda's workout as the backdrop, and the ultra cinematic properties of anamorphic filmmaking serving as the visual catalyst of the story.

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