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FLOODstream owns and operates high-definition mobile production trucks based in the Southwestern United States. We provide cost-effective live coverage of sports and events in and around Las Vegas utilizing three production trucks, as well as fly-packs and our enhanced Master Control suite for remote productions.

FLOODstream One
FLOODstream's flagship production truck, FLOODstream One is used for a variety of live sports and events broadcast productions. FLOODstream One is a 24-foot trailer, sporting a full complement of high-definition broadcast equipment. This IP-based mobile unit relies on a custom data network for audio and video

FLOODstream Two
FLOODstream Two, was designed from the ground up to pack a punch in a small footprint. Like it’s sister vehicle, FLOODstream One, this truck has the capability to produce broadcast-quality coverage of sports and events for domestic and international television, but in a compact package. Measuring in at less than 20', FLOODstream Two can broadcast from locations large and small.

FLOODstream Three
FLOODstream Three is a 20-foot production trailer based in Northern California. Powered by the Newtek Tricaster 8000 and 3Play, FLOODstream Three features five high-definition cameras, advanced graphics and scoreboard integration systems, as well as an all-IP workflow for audio and video.

FLOODstream Lite Fly-Packs
In addition to our three production trucks, FLOODstream maintains multiple fly-pack configurations, designed for fast on-site deployment for events worldwide. Our primary warehouse in Mesa, Arizona is located minutes from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, while our Lodi, California based fly-pack is ideally suited for productions in the Bay Area, Sacramento, Stockton and more. Both locations boast a full complement of fast-deplorable broadcast equipment.

We have been in the industry since 1997.

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