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We are a New York City based production company that leverages our military experience into methodically executed media production. A team of warm-hearted creatives with cold-blooded efficiency. Operational excellence is our baseline. Sarcasm is our love language.

We have been in the industry since 2015.


Added on 2/24/2017

St. Joseph's Health - Orthopedics - Ayni Brigade

This is a 30 Second Spot for Ayni Brigade serving St. Joseph's Health Orthopedic Campaign.

Video Logo 00:30
St. Joseph's Health - Orthopedics - Ayni Brigade
Video Logo 01:42
Movement To Contact
Video Logo 04:02
Arts Services Arts Partnership - Comedy Bootcamp
Video Logo 03:43
Warrior Games - We Are the Mighty
Video Logo 00:30
Be A Hero
Video Logo 01:41
Composing the Cheese Plate