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Spokane, Washington


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OUR ADS ARE ART! We are a two-man production team. We create ads that are cinematic, professional, and fun to watch. These ads are designed to be shared on social media to promote your next event or latest product. Satisfaction is always guaranteed. We're young; we're savvy; we're better than the people with more years in the industry and more expensive fees! Because we don't want to sell you our equipment (dji phantom 3 4k drone, Sony a6000, Canon t51) or our résumé. We want to sell you a product: an ad that isn't cheesy, isn't boring, isn't unoriginal. A beautiful and customized artifact for your company. A story--YOUR story--in modern, moving color. ALL BUDGETS WELCOME.

We have been in the industry since 2016.


Added on 10/11/2016

First Friday (September 2016)

Our most recent client wanted to promote a monthly downtown event in the city of Spokane, WA. We filmed on location once; all of the shots were taken in the same evening. We cut five edits in one…