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Cinematographer | Steadicam Operator

I'm a fluffy-headed filmmaker raised in mid-Missouri with a strong passion for cinematography and immense admiration for awesome Steadicam work. I received my bachelor's at the University of Missouri with an emphasis in Marketing. Upon my graduation, I began my storytelling education through the simple art of shooting and editing. Along the way, I studied cinematography and learned the art of the Steadicam by purchasing my own rig. Now residing in Los Angeles, my passion for filmmaking drives me to continue to produce quality content, collaborate with others and tell even greater, more impactful stories.

Awards & Film Festivals:
> IN THE WAKE OF IRE (Feature Film // Drama):
Best Cinematography | CHAIN NYC Film Fest (2018)
Best American Spectrum Feature | INDY Film Fest (2018)
Best Feature Film | PUSH! Film Fest (2018)
Audience Choice Award | Red Rock Film Fest (2018)
Programmer's Choice Award | Magnolia Independent Film Fest (2018)
Critics Choice Award | Iowa Independent Film Fest (2018)

Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you!

Samuel Ott | Cinematography & Steadicam Operating Reel
Added on 4/8/2018
Select works from 2017 for cinematography and Steadicam operating.

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