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Founded by a group of nationally published producers and executives, Forever Current Studios is a multi-disciplinary media company specializing in audiovisual productions and brand development. Our core focus areas include film production, music production, commercial advertising, viral videos, digital marketing, lead generation, and public relations.

Forever Current offers a roster of experienced directors, producers, film crew, and editors, with the capabilities of executing productions of any size and scope. Services include storyboarding, script writing, casting, location scouting, filming, photography, drone fleet, editing, VFX, live audio, set design, production logistics, and consultation.

Our facilities also include industry standard music studios for the production, recording, mixing and mastering of commercial/broadcast audio and music compositions. Forever Current’s independent publishing label offers an in-house team of audio engineers, producers, songwriters, and recording artists; for the production and licensing of soundtracks, theme songs, commercial jingles, film scoring, voiceovers, podcasts, sound design, etc.

Your brand's development will be overseen by our marketing executives who provide professional business or product evaluations, market analysis, business plans, and creative marketing campaigns, as well as a team for social media management, on staff graphic and web designers, photography, print, and PR management. With our unique hands on approach to your business, you will receive the most effective, innovative, and highly personalized marketing campaign to propel your brand's culture forward.

We have been in the industry since 2008.

NYC Press Tour - Vinny Vinsane
Added on 8/12/2019
Vinny Vinsane and Daniel Maguire travel to New York City for a press tour to discuss ABC's Bachelor in Paradise, and Patty Stanger's Million Dollar Matchmaker during the 2017 Vinsane Summer Tour. Produced by: Forever Current Studios • forevercurrent.com Directed by: Jarred Noah • instagram.com/JarredNoah

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