Anthony Leveille

About Me

"I truly believe networking is an important key to reaching new levels of success." ~Anthony Leveille


Coast1 seek passionate and curious artists who wish to create any music project. Our team support long and short term ideas of those starting at entry level and looking to further their career, or those artists that's comfortable keeping it underground. Each mainstream artist you see now started somewhere that's parallel to any upcoming artist.

The team @coast1 studios wants to work along side like minded talents looking for the start or continuous of their project(s). We refer great resources and features that we find suitable for each artist joining our team for services and marketing. If you're not ready for a big name studio then let us get you started. Here @coast1 studios we thrive to work with underground artists that has always had a dream for music. We do are best to prepare our artists for the bigger part of the music industry or simply just record their music (Mixed or Rough) for reliable playback.

We allow artists to have somewhere to burst out there ideas and record their music without the pressure of a deadline, and at a moderate price. Artists will also have the chance to film music videos, and/or documentaries at an independent artist level with great quality.

If you're interested in working with Coast1MusicGroup, then check out the contact information.

I have been in the industry since 2006.