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Voice Over Talent, Joe Egan is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and has the ability to provide quick turn-around from his recording studio. Producers and engineers all say he is very flexible and enjoyable to work with. Joe’s debut with a microphone was at the age 16 as the lead singer in a rock band, since then he’s developed a passion for voice over with a deep, rich, senior voice.

Visit Joe's website at www.eganvoiceover.com to hear samples of his commercial, narrative and promotional demos.

Voice Over Strengths:
- articulate
- authoritative
- conversational
- deep
- rich
- senior
- jovial
- strong
- powerful
- eloquent

Commercial Demo
Added on 12/8/2017
Now Featured at Salem Radio Network, Joe Egan shares his range of commercial voices with audiences Nationwide. His speaking voice has hosted events, taught at seminars, and has been the voice radio. Joe can be the voice of advertising your company, express your brand, or make your announcements. When you need to express your brand's personality or put emotion behind your theme - Joe can deliver what you need.


Joe is a great guy and an excellent speaker!

Brent Darnell

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